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Only the moral individual is fully human. Only those who choose to take responsibility for their own lives, neither desiring or seeking anything in life but what they have achieved or acquired by their own effort, fully confident in their own ability and competence to live happily and successfully in this world, gladly bearing the consequences of their wrong choices, and proudly enjoying the rewards of their right ones, neither needing nor wanting the agreement or approval of any other individuals, always seeking to be the best they can be in all things, mentally, morally, and physically, are fully human and worthy of the name and worthy of the life. Anything less is immoral and subhuman.

Conversations With Raymond: Be Prepared

Ray called earlier in the week and asked if he could bring Christy with him for our Sunday lunch which we had previously scheduled. They arrived about eleven thirty.

What Is "It?"

What is the "it" that must never be taken seriously? If you have read the article, "Never Take Any Of It Seriously," you may have the impression that it is only politics that never has to be taken seriously. It is actually much more than that.

Conversations With Raymond: Love and Atheism

Raymond knows I work during the week, and unless I've invited him, he seldom shows up on his own except on weekends. I knew something must be up when he came around early Wednesday morning. I was still having breakfast and asked him if he'd like some. When he said no, I knew it was serious.

Conversations With Raymond: Who Ray Is

I've written about some of these conversations before. Those conversations did not explain much about Raymond or my relationship with him. Since I intend to record more of our conversations I thought it best to explain a little more about how they came about.

Some Free Individuals

For many years I've been convinced that no freedom movement will ever be successful but that freedom is possible to anyone who is willing to seek it. Freedom, in fact, is only possible to individuals who free themselves.

Richard Reiben Obituary

Richard died of heart-related problems while visiting one of his most-loved places on earth, Malaysia.

Never Take Any Of It Seriously

In case you don't know who said, "Never take any of it seriously," it was the author and philosopher, Ayn Rand.

What she actually said, or wrote, was: "We never had to take any of it seriously, did we?" [Dagney Taggart to John Galt in [Atlas Shrugged "Part Three / Chapter I Atlantis"]

Who Is We?

What you believe and how you conduct your life is no one else's business, as long as you mind your own.

How We Know

This Foreword pertains only to the online version of this critique of Dr. Harry Binswanger's How We Know: Epistemology on an Objectivist Foundation. [Please see the Introduction.]

I have chosen to make this book available online because I wish to find out if anyone is interested in philosophy, or more precisely, the truth. This book may be considered a predecessor to my complete philosophy which will be entitled, Philosophy If You Want It, which will not be published online, and if no interest is shown in the current book, will most likely not be published at all.

Notes On Tathagatagarbhaianism

Most Tathagatagarbhaianists are, in spite of their great seriousness, rather casual about terminology. Except when writing academic papers, an event so rare there is no record of it ever having happened, most do not refer to themselves as Tathagatagarbhaianists, but rather as Tathists, based on the diminutive of Tathagatagarbha, Tath.

The Wisdom of Tathagatagarbha

The one true God...I've been accused, more than once, of being an atheist. I'm not an atheist. I just don't believe in your God.

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