About The Moral Individual

November, 2015.

If you are looking for more of the same, the same political views, the same way of looking at the world, the same programs, advice, and arguments of any stripe that can be found on thousands of other WEB pages The Moral Individual is not for you. The Moral Individual is apolitical, but not anti-political or anti-anything else. It has no program and no purpose beyond making the truth available to as may individuals who truly want it.

If you are looking for ideas unlike those you can find anywhere else, ideas that will stimulate your own thinking and perhaps enable you to free your own mind from all you have simply accepted because its what you've always been taught and is pretty much what everyone else believes, The Moral Individual may be just what you are looking for.

The one word of caution: please do not simply accept anything you read here, even if it seems plausible to you. I'm not interested in changing anyone else's mind or "teaching them." If you learn something here that stimulates your own thinking, that is enough.

Some Facts

The Moral Individual is one place Randall C. Saunders writes. That's me. Why I write, I suppose, is similar to why H.L. Mencken wrote: "I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved, which a cow enjoys on giving milk."

[NOTE: I also have a blog on Liberty.me called the Intellectual Renegade. Many of the articles published on The Moral Individual are also published there.]

The Moral Individual was formerly called the Independent Individualist and at one time was combined with The Autonomist which published other writers' works as well as my own. In one form or another the site has been online since before 2000.

Some who are familiar with earlier manifestations of these pages will know me by my nom de plume, Reginald Firehammer. Some still address me as Regi, though nowadays Randy is more common, but RCS will do, or even something less polite. I have very thick skin. No one ever addressed me as Randall except my mother. I rather like my whole name, Randall Chester Saunders, though it sounds a bit pompous. [Mom was a bit of a snob.]

What Is The Moral Individual About

It's about the truth and it's about reality. It is therefore not about any ideology. I am apolitical, which is not to be confused with either anarchism or atheism, both of which are ideologies. I agree with H.L. Mencken, "I believe in only one thing: liberty; but I do not believe in liberty enough to want to force it upon anyone."

If you do not appreciate the irony of Mencken's statement, you will not appreciate the The Moral Individual. Morality has nothing to do with making others moral, it only pertains to individuals choosing to be moral, that is, being the best they can be as human beings.

What's Here

Almost everything I've written in these pages is still available. All current articles since 2014 are Indexed by Date and by Title (alphabetically).

There are three indexes of all older articles and papers (before 2014):

  1. Permanent Articles Index—organized by category.
  2. Subject Index—organized alphabetically by subject.
  3. Title Index—organized alphabetically by title.
Most of my previous articles are philosophical in nature and address such subjects as philosophy itself, Ayn Rand and Ojectivism, freedom and privacy, gun rights, individualism, Islam and terrorism, and the pseudo-sciences: environmentalism, psychology, sociology, and evolution.

What To Expect

I no longer have much interest in writing about subjects I've written about in the past which includes all those I've listed above as well extensive technical writing in the fields of science, electronics, and telecommunications. After three quarters of a century of careful observation and study one comes to the conclusion that Mencken was right, 99 percent of the world's population are idiots who have no interest in learning philosophy, or much of anything else, and almost all of the world's events, while mostly tragic and appalling are also absurd, not worth commenting on and certainly not worth being concerned about. [See my article, "Never Take Any Of It Seriously."]

My future writing will not be as formal as much of my past writing was. For example, I never addressed philosophical ethics formerly and while going over my notes on ethics, planning to do a formal work on that branch of philosophy, I realized that no one is going to read and take seriously a work on ethics. So, I chose instead, to write the articles on "Tathism," ["Tathagatagarbhaianism"].

The two articles, The Wisdom of Tathagatagarbha and Notes On Tathagatagarbhaianism present ethics as absolute moral principles in the form of a satirical religious metaphor which is meant to be both amusing and provoking. Though unintended, most will also find the works offensive—the ignorant and the immoral are easily offended. However, anyone who seriously wants to understand the nature of ethics will learn the principles of ethics are determined by reality itself, and will find those principles clearly explained in those articles.

What is the Purpose?

Oh, that is simple to answer. The purpose is the pleasure and enjoyment of those who choose to read them. Anyone who makes the mistake of thinking there is some political or social objective does not understand what individual liberty is about.

Here is what Richard Reiben said: "Neither a leader nor a follower be." You have probably never heard of Richard Reiben. That is the case with most true individualists who have made themselves free. Unlike most free individuals, he did write and publish his ideas, some of which can still be found on his Take Freedom site [which is subtitled, appropriately, "Don't Ask Permission - Just Take It"].

Richard died in March, 2006, of heart-related problems in his beloved Malaysia at the age of 57, living his life to the end as he chose to live it.

[NOTE: In 2011 I wrote about a mystery associated with Mr. Reiben, in a Daily Freedom article, "Dead, or Alive and Free?" It was not really a mystery but only a manifestation of my helplessly romantic nature. I'm pretty sure the mystery has been solved and that Richard Reiben is really dead. Still...?]

If you need to be part of something, a movement or program, if you need a leader, or worse, if you need followers, you will probably not enjoy much of what will be found on the The Moral Individual. In the past I've written extensively on how to be free. [The "Daily Freedom" articles in the Free Individual, and most of the articles in the Freedom and Privacy section are about establishing one's own freedom.] Since most people are really not interested in true freedom, it is unlikely I'll be addressing that subject in the future.


Please feel free to write. Comments, criticisms, corrections, suggestions, and questions are all appreciated. Please use the email address on the Contact & Comments page.

I hope you enjoy what you will find here, even if it is only the enjoyment of getting angry and offended.

[NOTE: If you want to know what a moral individual is, The following is a description that formerly appeared at the top of the home page:

"Only the moral individual is fully human. Only those who choose to take responsibility for their own lives, neither desiring or seeking anything in life but what they have achieved or acquired by their own effort, fully confident in their own ability and competence to live happily and successfully in this world, gladly bearing the consequences of their wrong choices, and proudly enjoying the rewards of their right ones, neither needing nor wanting the agreement or approval of any other individuals, always seeking to be the best they can be in all things, mentally, morally, and physically, are fully human and worthy of the name and worthy of the life. Anything less is immoral and subhuman."

It was intended as a slap at Nietzshe's superman. Compared to the mass of immoral men, the moral man is superman, but it is the wrong picture. A superman is a freak, an abnormality. The objective is not superman, but a man that is all a human being is supposed to be. It is available to anyone who chooses to live morally, but alas, very few do.]

There is one thing left out of that description, however, because it is not primary, but it is a cause of great misunderstanding. The description of a "moral individual" is a description of an independent individualist. The misunderstanding is the assumption that an independent individualism means anti-social in some sense. It is just the opposite.

It is because the independent individualist needs no one else that he never interferes in the life of anyone else and can relate to others with true benevolence because he makes no claim on any part of anyone's else's life, person, or property. Because the independent individualist regards every other human being as a unique individual he does not expect them to live and behave as he does, even if he believes they are not living in a way that would be best for them. Because everyone is different the individualist finds almost all other people interesting and usually rewarding to know.

No one I know is like me, yet I find I can get along with anyone except those determined not to get along with others, and I find there is something to like in almost everyone, and most cases, many things I like.

[NOTE: The Moral Individual is an entirely hand-coded HTML site. There are never any advertisements, pop-ups, or mal-ware because there are no scripts, cgi, php, or javascript. You will never be asked for contributions. None of the material is copyrighted and may be used with or without attribution.]