Changes To The Moral Individual

A number of changes have come to The Moral Individual.

Reader Comments

The ability to comment directly to articles is being added to all past and future articles. The comment form appears at the end of each article.

At the present time, anyone may comment on any article. If spam becomes a problem, a one-time sign-up will be required which can be totally anonymous.

The Moral Individual looks forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions.

A Change Of Emphasis

The Moral Individual will always be about ideas for those rare individuals who think for themselves. H.L. Mencken said, "My guess is that well over 80 percent of the human race goes through life without having a single original thought."

While it will always be true that there is no agenda here, no program to support, and nothing to join, The Moral Individual will always be here to encourage others to think for themselves and to throw off all the wrong ideas that they have been taught by politicians, philosophers, religious leaders, and psychologists.

The new emphasis will be on living successfully and happily in this world. The fields which should have provided the principles for individual human success and happiness, philosophy, psychology, and education, have utterly failed.

I have no illusions about being able to correct the grand deceptions by which the masses of the world have been deceived, to their own destruction and misery. There are a few who seek the truth, knowing there is something better than what the world of academia, authority, celebrity, and politics offers. It is to them The Moral Individual is dedicated.

There are no tricks, no magic formulas, not secret methods to success and happiness. But success and happiness are possible to anyone who wants to learn the principles by which they can be achieved and chooses to live their life by those principles. The new emphasis of The Moral Individual is to make those principles as clear and simple as possible to anyone who loves their life and knows the purpose of it is their enjoyment of it.

Cheap Commercialism

While The Moral Individual is a labor of love, which is mostly a love of the truth and those who embrace it, one cannot live or produce on the fruits of love alone. To make it possible to continue this effort there will now be advertisements, which, to whatever extent possible, will be selected as a possible real value to The Moral Individual's readers.


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