Online Resources

There are many sites on the Internet that promote freedom and liberty, or at least have those words in their titles or descriptions. Most are varieties of political schemes promoting "freedom" by either some political program or through education—both promising the establish of freedom by changing society in some way.

Nevertheless many of these sites are useful to the individual in the pursuit of one's own individual freedom. Their programs and policies are useless and mostly a waste of time, but they often provide good information about what is going on in the world of government and oppression.

The links I've provided are some that I think might be useful to the individual who has chosen to live in this word as freely as possible.

Anti-State and Anarchism



Independent Living (Self-reliance)


Mostly Political



[Note: Ayn Rand was an advocate of independent individualism and individual liberty. Unfortunately most Objectivists today are more interested in debating philosophy and promoting what they call an "Objectivist movement," than they are in individualism and freedom. I have provided Objectivist links and comment on a separate page.]

Very Bad