Mark Halpern's Roger Stories

1. Roger At A Party Roger confronts some Libertarian, Objectivist and other "save the world" movements.

2. Roger And The QueersRoger ruffles some gay feathers.

3. Roger And The GirlRoger meets a feminist, who isn't.

4. Roger At The BookstoreRoger discusses literature and "honor."

5. The Free And The PoorRoger explains that only wealth is freedom.

6. Roger—Illegal AlienRoger explains why law is unequal.

7. The Fermi ParadoxRoger explains where he is from, sort of.

8. Roger's WorkRoger explains what he is doing here.

9. Roger Answers Some QuestionsSome conclusions about the world.

10. What's Wrong With The WorldRoger identifies the symptoms and hints at the reason for the world's corruption.

11. Dinner Guests At Roger'sMisfits Roger regards as, "more nearly fully human," because they are exceptional.

12. DinnerDinner, interactions, and an unexpected event.

13. SallyWhat Sally reveals to Mark.

14. InsidersSally and Mark share what they know about Roger.

15. Pool PartyMark and Sally talk to Jo and meet some new friends.

16. True GossipMark and Sally's talk.

17. An Evening at Roger'sProblems of being an alien and a decision for Sally and Mark.

18. FrankDinner with Francesca Danco and her perspective on Mark and Sally's decision.

19. The Family d'AnconiaFrank's impromptu lecture on the history of environmentalism and the d'Anconias.

20. MovingMark and Sally take over Roger's estate.

21. An AnnouncementHow everyone learns of Roger's departure.

22. Together AgainReal friends enjoying each other, and some hints of dangers to come.

23. From Grief to LaughterMargo's personal private account of Roger's departure.

24. Dempsey Versus the FedsDempsey demonstrates a non-earth human defense and hints of dangers to come.

25. New Friends and ReligionFrank visits with news and a request.

26. Peter, Jo, and PhilosophyPeter and Sally discuss philosophy, and Sally discovers another romance.

27. Two Against the WorldAt least they would be, that is Bill and Sarah Barret would be.

28. A Literary Convention, Of SortsMark calls a meeting to discuss the objective value of literature.

28. Disappearing ActThoughts of escape from thugs and the world.

29. Writers--A Literary Convention ContinuedThe literary convention continues with a discussion of the works of the writers in the group.

30. Exactly Who Are They?A brief overview of the cast of chracters that are the Roger Stories.

31. GodRoger talks to an evangelist.

32. They've Taken AndrewHow everything changes.

33. The Nature Of Beauty, the Purpose of Art--A Literary Convention ConcludedPerhaps nothing concluded, but the popular veiws turned upside down.

34. About PlansReality is what it is, one's plans must conform to that or fail.

35. The Ruth SchemePlanning to rescue Ruth from NatAlSec.

36. Ruth's Rescue PlanThe grand rescue plan and the discovery of 'others.'

37. Ruth's Rescue AdventureThe best plan is to wing it.

38. Things ChangeAnd all things come to an end.

Who Is Mark Halpern

Mark Halpern is a freelance journalist, writer, and commentator. He has been falsely classified as a libertarian, sometimes an anarchist, even an iconoclast, but says he is none of those things, "I'm just a lover of the truth, so obviously, everything I write offends someone because no one really wants the truth."

Of the Roger stories he says:

"The stories and incidents are fictionalized but the ideas they convey are true. The similarity of some characters to real people is intentional. Nothing has been changed to protect them, because, none of them are innocent."

"The one character that has not been fictionalized is Roger Conant. He is a real person and everything I've written about him is true. But Roger was right when he said, 'Go ahead and write all you want about me, Mark. No one is going to believe you.'"

Mark Halpern may be contacted at:

halpern (at) usabig (dot) com