Tying Up Threads

When Philip and Brittany were both well enough, the Blakes held one of their famous get-togethers that included the entire families of the Arnaults, Moores, and Jacksons, as well as the Blakes of course.

What surprised everyone most was when the Crosses showed up. No one knows how they learned what Freddy had done, but it had made an impression on them and they came both to honor him and to meet those who had been so kind to their son.

Philip and Megan were sitting with Connor and Briana when Freddy arrived with Brittany on his arm. Everyone except Connor and Briana was surprised, both by their obvious romantic attachment and the change in Brittany. She was nothing like the somewhat unsociable girl they had come to know. She was delightfully pleasant, speaking to everyone and saying how pleased she was to see them, and hugging them.

"What are your thoughts about Freddy and Brittany," Connor asked.

"Brittany has changed, Connor. No matter what else she ever was, she always said exactly what she thought. She was never a fake. She's genuinely in love with Freddy, and there's no doubt Freddy loves her," she said.

"It's just so different," Connor said. "Not like our love at all."

"Connor, I couldn't love you more, and I know you couldn't love me more, but about love you know very little. There's no special way for two to discover they are in love. Look how long it took you to admit you were in love with me."

"You're right Darling. I really was slow letting you know I loved you, but when I did you knew it."

"Yes my love, you knew it then, but I knew it a long time before. Your Mom understands."

"Speaking of Mom, where are she and Dad?"

"They're over there talking to the Crosses with Freddy and Brittany. I hope the Crosses come around to understanding Freddy. They seem to like Brittany a lot. I think Mom and Dad will make them understand they are always welcome."

"I hope so. Freddy never said anything, but I know he always seemed out of place when all the other parents showed up at these things. He looks very happy."

"He hasn't looked any other way since Brittany came into his life."

"I think it is ironic that Freddy, who is not at all impressed by looks, is the one who ended up with your beautiful sister."

"Oh, Freddy appreciates Brittany's beauty, it's just not the reason he loves her."

Megan and Philip gone off a little way to talk to some of the others. After they left Connor said, "It's good to see Megan finally looking happy too."

"Megan is so in love with Philip. She spent all her time here at the Blakes caring for him, and she's grown very close to Eddy and Yuwon. It was very hard for her, maybe even harder when she learned why he was beaten so badly, trying to protect Brittany, and encouraging her. He told Brittany they would be rescued and it was the only thing that kept her hopes up. It had to be horrible for both of them, especially having to watch what those monsters did to them. When they raped Brittany they tried to force Philip to participate, but he would have died first, and she had to watch them beating Philip."

"Do you think Freddy knows all that?"

"I know he does. I only know because Brittany was telling me how patient and loving Freddy was when she told him, and how his understanding and strength helped her get better. He really is such a strong man."

"What do you say we go home and go to bed, Darling?"

"You in your room and me in mine?"

"Yes, my precious forward Briana."