Nyranda Adventures Notes

Not too long after Lester told Jasmine, "I'm going to build things, machines and buildings and bridges and everything I can," Lester began working on one of the first things he would build, a motorcycle. At first Jasmine was content to ride on the back of Lester's bike, but she saw how the freedom and raw power in his hands thrilled him and knew she had to have her own. She helped Lester build it.

"Do you remember the first bike we built together, Darling," Lester asked Jasmine.

"Yes," she said, but didn't say any more in order to keep her promise to Marten.

Of course you'll only understand that if you read the first Nyranda story.

All the characters in that first story, Jasmine Jackson, Eddy Blake, Lester Moore, Yuwon Lem, Veronica Blake, and Anthony Jackson, show up in this story, except that the last names of the girls have changed. All the children in this story, except for Freddy Cross, are the children of the characters in the first story.

Veronica Blake is now Veronica Arnault. Her husband Peter, owner and CEO of Arnault Pharmaceuticals, is serious about business, his love for Veronica, and his family, but little else. When Veronica became Mrs. Arnault their merged companies became Arnault-Blake Industries or ABI, because Veronica's company included many chemical products in addition to pharmaceuticals.

Brittany, the Arnault's oldest daughter resembled Veronica in many ways, but was less serious about many things than her "geeky" mother. She was also more attractive than Veronica had been as a girl.

Brittany's younger sister, Briana, resembled her father. In many ways she was like her, "Aunt" Jasmine, who was not really her aunt. It was Jasmine's unusual relationship with her uncle, Eddy, that made her seem like an aunt.

Lester and Jasmine Moore had two children, Megan the oldest, and the fiercely independent Connor who was just a year younger then Megan.

Eddy and Yuwon Blake had six children. Their second and third oldest, Philip and Liz, are most important to this story.

Freddy Cross is the only one who is not related in any way to those in our first Nyranda story, although Freddy's grandfather on his father's side, Hyram Cross, was a close friend of Lester Moore's father, Stuart Moore.

The Arnault (Peter, Veronica) children are all cousins of the Blake (Eddy, Yuwon) children. Veronica is Eddy's sister.

The Moore (Lester, Jasmine) children are all cousins of the Jackson (Anthony, Elaine) children. Jasmine is Anthony's sister.

There is no relationship between any of the Arnault or Blake children to any of the Moore or Jackson children, but they all think of each other as cousins because of the relationship between Eddy and Jasmine. Below all the families and children that are part of this story are listed. Not all the children are important to the story. The most important are Connor and Megan Moore, Brittany and Briana Arenault, Liz and Philip Blake, Kenny Jackson and Freddy Cross.

The Families

The Arnaults

Father, Peter
Mother, Veronica

The Moores

Father, Lester
Mother, Jasmine

The Blakes

Father, Eddy
Mother, Yuwon
Patricia (Trish, Trisha)
Elizabeth (Liz)
Raymond (Ray)

The Jacksons

Father, Anthony
Mother, Elaine
Kenneth (Ken, Kenny)
Nancy (Nan)

The Crosses

Father, Beau
Mother, Marion
Freddy (Fred)

Places, and Things, and Terms

—Stove Pipe Hill, the hill Connor climbs. Similar to the black quary but with no access.
—Arnault's Science Academy, founded by Peter and Veronica Arnault, where Connor, Briana, and several other children took science classes.
—Jasta! is a Klomanist epithet (Considered an irreverant reference to the Klomanist diety). Briana uses it because Connor's mother does, but has no idea what it means.
—Klomanists, believers in one of the three "official" (Forbidder) Nyrandan religions, Pleonism, Klomanism, and Shealism. They are not so important to this story as they were to the first.
—Forbidders are similar to what would be called rulers (or government) on earth.
—Nochose, are those who refuse to submit to one of the Forbidder sactioned religions or their policies.
—Trashers, is the derogatory term for, "New Nebetrastians." In the previous story they were called Nebers, because they were just Nebetrastians then.
—Nut, one of the many names such as, 'NT,' for the drug, Neo-Thessaline, synthsized by Veronica Arnault but no longer produced by any of her labs. Thessaline was very important to the first story of Nyranda, and a precurser to the addictive drug in this story.
—Super-bull roarer, refers to a bull roarer, a device used in the first story to frighten Nebers (called Thrashers in this story).
—Bracelet, marriage, similar to earth's wedding rings. There are no wedding ceremonies on Nyranda.