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The complete HTML
course and reference.

HTML for Everyone

HTML for Everyone is designed for anyone with an interest in HTML. For those learning HTML for the first time, it will step the new user through every aspect of HTML. The seasoned user will find HTML for Everyone an invaluable source of reference and tools for every aspect of HTML programming.


The Internet and the World Wide Web technology is now an integral part of every field. Knowledge of HTML today, is like knowledge of basic mathematics, because one finds requirements for it almost everywhere, no matter what profession they are in.

For those whose profession will involve the Internet, since HTML is the basic programming language of the Internet, it forms the foundation for everything else one will need to know to program anything for the World Wide Web.

For the creative, from writers to artists, HTML and the Internet provide another exciting tool of infinite potential.

What's in HTML for Everyone?

HTML for Everyone is a complete course in HTML, covering every aspect of HTML, with clear explanations of every HTML tag and rule, as well as techniques for using HTML not found in most other courses.

In addition to HTML itself, there are numerous tools and references not found anywhere else, including HTML for Everyone's unique HTML Sandbox, where you can try and experiment with all the HTML you are learning.

The Complete Course

The following is a partial list of the subjects covered:

  • What is HTML
  • Break & Paragraph
  • Font Attributes
  • Combining/Nesting Tags
  • Hex—HTML numbers
  • HTML Colors
  • Text Links
  • Image Links
  • Images
  • URLs, URIs
  • File Paths
  • Image Maps
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Frames
  • HTML Iframes
  • HTML Forms
  • Special Characters
  • Page Setup
  • Page Creation
  • Page Formatting
  • Backgrounds
  • Image Tiling
  • Browsers
  • Servers
  • Fonts
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
Additional Features

In addition to this complete course on HTML, are these special features:

  • A glossary of HTML and WEB terms
  • A complete list of ASCII decimal, binary, and hexadecimal codes
  • A complete list of HTML special characters with both decimal and name codes
  • A special appendix on the nature of colors
  • A complete list of HTML color names
  • A special frames examples appendix
  • An exhaustive list of all HTML tags with descriptions and examples
  • A special meta tag appendix
  • A complete linked index to everything
  • Exclusive HTML for Everyone color tools
Media, Format, and Requirements

You must have Internet Explorer© 4 or higher installed. It does not have to be your default browser.

The program is completely self-contained and provides all the tools and test-beds (called Sandboxes) for actually creating HTML and HTML pages with no other tools or programs required.


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