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Little Black Mingo

Classic Bannerman children's story, of a good girl, a bold mongoose, and a bad cricodile blown to bits.

Little Black Mingo

This is the original story written by the Scottish author, Helen Bannerman (1862-1946). The story was published in 1902.

Helen Bannerman lived much of her life in India with her husband who was an officer in the Indian Medical Service. It is that part of the world that is the setting for most of her stories, including Little Black Mingo.

Almost Lost

Little Black Mingo, at least in its original form, is almost impossible to find. It's absence is entirely due to what is assumed to be some kind of insult to black people, by which, in the United States, is meant those of African origin. But Mingo, Like Little Black Sambo, is not about Africans at all, but South Indians, and of those black people it is highly complimentary.

But political correctness, which is rooted firmly in ignorance and racism, knows no bounds, so Mingo, like Sambo, is relegated to the ash-heap of political-incorrect burned-books.

Though Sambo is not at all racist, it is certainly politically incorrect, and will offend those sensitive to children's books showing bad people and animals blown up as well as offending the animal rights crowd.

This story is a delightful, though short. It has a point, but is not moralistic. And as all good stories should, it ends happily for those who were being oppressed.

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