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WEBdidactic™ Privacy & Security

WEBdidactic™ respects the privacy of its users and customers. All information provided by any user or customer is used only as necessary to complete a transaction, and insure customer satisfaction. No information provided by customers is used for any other purpose. No information provided by customer is shared with any other parties for any reason.

Kinds of Information

There are only four kinds of information that will ever be required: delivery information, contact information, customer record information, and point of sales information.

Delivery Information is an address where products are to be shipped. This information is only used for the delivery and is not saved, except at the customer's request (to avoid having to repeatedly enter the same information). Delivery information is only required for actual deliveries, and is not requested for software downloads.

Customer Record/Verification is information by which a customer is identified and a record of purchases is maintained. The purpose of this information is to enable WEBdidactic™ to verify a customer's purchases for special pricing on updates, add-ons, or for the retrieval of licensing information.

Customers may use any name they like for identification purposes. A confirmation email (or USPS mail, if requested) is sent after every transaction, which includes a customer id number, and a purchase id number. Those numbers can be used at any time to verify a purchase.

Contact Information is an email address, or USPS address to which confirmation of transactions can be sent. Occasionally, if, and only if, a product is discovered to have a defect, contact information may be used to notify customers about how to obtain a free replacement. Contact information is not used for any other purpose.

WEBdidactic™ does not use email advertising or promotion, and does not provide any other party any contact information for any purpose.

Point of Sales Information is all the information required to complete a credit card sale. WEBdidactic™ never sees that information.

All credit card sales are handled seamlessly through a totally secure third party (PayPal). You do not need a PayPal account, and credit card purchases are quick and easy. We chose PayPal to handle all credit card sales because of their excellent security and ease of use.

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