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Until Further Notice all WEBdidactic Books are FREE!

These books may now be read online. Click HERE to read.

WEBdidactic™ is dedicated to providing educational products for everyone.

The first of these products is HTML for Everyone, a complete HTML course and reference, covering every aspect of HTML page development. Please see the HTML for Everyone product description page for details.

HTML for Everyone is the first of a series of WEB development books, which will include Styles for Everyone and DHTML/Javascript for Everyone. Beyond that are plans for similar products covering electronics, the sciences, and other technological subjects.

Reading Is Learning

WEBdidactic is in the process of reproducing classic children's and young people's books in inexpensive ebook form. These are high quality stand-alone programs available as downloads, or on CD, or both.

The first two of these products are Little Black Sambo and the Just So Stories. Both of these were chosen because they are timeless children's classics, and because modern academia, in their politically correct inclusivist "dumbing down" efforts, have all but eliminated the availability of these works.

To introduce our customers to the quality of these books, a free download of Little Black Sambo is being provided on a temporary basis.

Visit the Products page for more details, or visit the separate product description pages for Little Black Sambo or the Just So Stories.

History and Research

Several works of historical significance, as well as works useful for research are planned, including the Federalist Papers which are now available, and the Anti-federalist Papers, and many other early American historical documents and books.

Classics in Literature and Humanities

The world's greatest classics in Literature, Philosophy, and the humanities will be put into WEBdidactic™'s easy and pleasant-to-use electronic form. The purpose is to make these available to everyone to use, read, and enjoy.

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