About Free Individual

The Free Individual is about one thing, your success as an individual human being. There is no political or social agenda here, no ideology to adopt, no program to support, no movement to promote, nothing to join and nothing to buy(2). There is only information here which you can use to make your own life whatever you choose to make it—and it is all free.

The purpose of your life is to live it to the utmost, being and achieving all you possibly can to fully enjoy it. Here you will find the principles by which that kind of life can be successfully lived—from what your nature as a human being requires to what you must do to fulfill those requirements. Here you will find endless practical information on how to apply those principles to every aspect of your life, from what you learn, think, believe, choose, and do, to practical ways of achieving wealth, having fulfilling social relations, and being successful as a human being.

The ideas you will find here are unlike those you will find anywhere else, ideas that will stimulate your own thinking to free your own mind from all you have simply accepted because its what you've always been taught and is pretty much what everyone else believes. The first step to freedom and success is to think for yourself, not trusting any authority to know what is best for you.

What You Will Find Here

The Free Individual contains articles addressing everything from practical ways of achieving your own free life and personal goals, beginning with the principles by which one must live to achieve and be all they can be as a human being.

From philosophy to science, from geography to history, from income and wealth generation to its preservation, from literature to arts, from society to politics, from contemporary culture to pertinent news, from practical ways of living totally free to the latest useful technologies, every subject relating to living life free and successfully is included.

[NOTE: Please see the "Welcome To the Free Individual" for and overview of the entire site and details of what the Free Individual includes.]

Some Facts

Earlier versions of these pages were called The Moral Individual, and before that the Independent Individualist and at one time was combined with The Autonomist which published other writers' works as well. In one form or another the site has been online since before 1995.

All previous articles are archived and accessible through one of the indices provided on the old The Moral Individual site. Many of those articles will be referenced in articles on Free Individual.

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