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Freedom Strategies—International

For some individuals, freedom will require either moving to an new location, or, in some cases, frequent traveling so many parts of the world. The resources on this page are only resources. The Free Individual does endorse or promote any of these sites.

International Living
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For over forty years International Living has been showing people that an exotic life in an overseas, tropical paradise wasn't just for the rich and famous...that you can do it now for less money than you currently live on.

International Strategies
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"The Escape Artist is one of the world's largest and oldest expat resources for going offshore. Every day we write about second passports, offshore banking, international trusts, flag theory, tax strategies and global investments.

Escape Artist aims to be the most comprehensive source of information, resources, analysis, and insights for the globally-minded. With offices in the United States, Belize, Panama, and Portugal, Escape Artist was established with a mission to inspire and engage consumers with credible news and unique content, while building an international expat community.

We provide the tools of freedom for anyone in the world daring enough to pursue their dreams! As a beloved brand for nearly 25 years, we have a history of earned trust by providing value and offering our readers credible resources to learn from."

International Citizens Group
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International Citizens Group, Inc. ( was established to create, provide and market high-quality resources, tools, and advice for expatriates, global citizens, and international travelers. The team at International Citizens has a wealth of international experience, having all traveled the world extensively. This experience gives us a unique advantage in providing the best customer service to our clients as we understand the needs and wants of those traveling and living abroad.

Expat Exchange
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If you're moving overseas, settling in abroad, an expert on international living, a repatriate, or just considering an expatriate adventure, Expat Exchange can provide information on, Expat Healthcare, Health Insurance, Moving Overseas, Country Guides, Retiring Overseas, Best Places to Live, Real Estate, Shipping & Moving, and Mail Forwarding & Mail. Expat Exchange also provides a form for talking to other expats, with a network of over 200,000 members worldwide. Expat Exchange offers adults over the age of 18 the ability to share your profile information to help you connect with other Expat Exchange members.

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"The Original Guide to Travel, Work, Volunteering, Study and Living Abroad."

Provides information on Working Abroad, Teaching English Abroad, Travel Jobs, Summer Jobs, Student Jobs, Au Pair Jobs, Farm Jobs, K-12 & Higher Ed, International Careers, College Study Abroad, High School Study Abroad, Language Study Abroad, Service Learning Abroad, Educational Travel, Adventure Travel, Budget Travel, Culinary Travel, Cultural Travel, Family Travel, Independent Travel, Senior Travel, Travel Accommodations, Travel Writing, Living Abroad by Country, Living Accommodations, Health Insurance Abroad, and Money Matters.

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Compare cost of living for any two cities in the world. Use their International Schools Database to find the best International School for your children.

Expat Focus
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Expat Focus makes moving abroad easier by providing accurate, step-by-step relocation guides for over 80 countries, including Destination guides, Useful articles, A monthly email newsletter, Expat experiences, and Podcasts.

Freedom Is Everything
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While FI certainly agree with the philosophy, this site will mostly appeal to those who are interested in constant travel or, "nomading." Still, there are many good ideas here to consider, including: The Best Countries For Expats in 2020, What Is Digital Nomading? Work Online, Entrepreneurship, and Travel Guides.

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