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Not only your life, but the entire world, the universe, is yours, to use and exploit for your own benefit and enjoyment.

The world is yours, but it is not the world as some would like it to be, but the real world as it actually is, at this moment, as you are living in it. The world is yours to use and enjoy but it is not yours, or anyone else's, to make into a different world, into some, "dreamed of," ideal world. Using the world does not mean making it a different world. Using the world is like using anything else. Everything has a specific nature and is what it is and to use it means discovering what that thing's nature is and how it can and cannot be used.

Your automobile runs on liquid fuel. Water is liquid. You might like to use water to run your automobile, but you cannot, because the nature of water makes it impossible to work as fuel. You must use a different liquid, a combustible one, like gasoline. What you would like to be true, how you would like the world to be, does not matter. All of reality is what it is and one either learns what it is and chooses to live in acknowledgment of that reality or lives in defiance of it.

To Use The World You Must Learn What It Is

As discussed earlier, most people do not like the world as it is. The real world is not, "nice." It is difficult, ruthless, demanding, and unforgiving. Most people attempt to evade the reality of the world by believing it can be different, that some political or social scheme can make the world what they would like it to be.

The realist individualist knows reality cannot be changed and seeks only to understand exactly what the real world is, not just the physical aspects of it, but all that it is, materially, culturally, politically and economically.

The purpose of this knowledge is not to change the world, but understand how it works, and how it can be used, no matter how, "bad," the cultural, political, and economic circumstances might be. They cannot be changed or, "fixed," but can always be dealt with, but only if one understands them.

Tools For Examining The World

To that end there have been important additions to the Education & Knowledge sections of the Freedom Resources. In addition to the, "Free Online," education resources, the, "Site Review," section links," to hundreds of, "freedom and individualism," oriented sites. The, "Books (Sources)," section has been expanded with more, "free online," resources. The, "Books (Reference)," section, in addition to links to Recommended References books, and online lists of reading suggestions, now includes the Free Individual Author List which links to as many free books by the authors as possible. A link to the, "Ayn Rand Reference (Objectivism)," has also been added.

The Most Important New Addition

The Free Individual and Freedom Underground are primarily about individual freedom. Though it has failed to actually advance freedom in any real way, the history of freedom literature and advocates is important, if for not other reason, to understand what they all got wrong. To that end, the Freedom Library provides links to every major freedom and liberty author, and their works, both historically and contemporarily. Wherever possible those links are to works which can be read online.

For you own enjoyment and benefit, make use of these tools and resources and, please, contact the Free Individual if you would like to see additions or changes to any of these tools. They are all, of course, works in progress.

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