Freedom Challenge II

The original, "Ten Year Old Freedom Challenge," asked eighteen of the most prominent and active liberty and freedom organizations and Internet sites these four questions:

  1. Is individual freedom your primary objective?

  2. Will your methods actually make anyone free in their lifetime?

  3. Do you believe it is possible for individuals to find true freedom in the world today?

  4. Would you encourage individuals to be free if they can be?

Those questions have never been satisfactorily answered.

Why The Challenge

I've made this challenge to the most promonent organizations and individuals promoting the ideas of individual freedom and liberty today because, in spite of their sincere efforts to promote freedom it is not individual freedom they are actually promoting. What they are actually working for may actually be preventing true individual freedom. What most are promoting is one or more of the following:

  1. A political or social system for a, "free society," in which everyone is free.

  2. An economic, political, or social ideology, (like, "rights," or, "free markets,") that when widely embraced, will result in individual freedom.

  3. Freedom as an ideal to be worked towards but only to be realized in some unspecified future.

  4. Their own programs, campaigns, and movements which will bring about a revolution resulting in freedom.

None of the over 60 individuals and organizations challenged actually encourage individuals to make themselves free in their own lifetime. Their methods are mostly attempts to educate and inspire others about freedom, how government (or the state) limits their freedom ane the political, economic, and social ideologies which result in oppression. There is certainly nothing wrong with these methods, but if they do not actually result in individual freedom they are strictuly academic.

The real purpose of this challenge is to be proven wrong and to be shown how the efforts and work of these individuals will actually help individuals be free to live their lives as they choose in the real world.

Who Has Been Challenged

All of the following listed organizations and individuals have received this challenge, but the challenge is to anyone who thinks they advocate individual freedom. Anyone who reads this is invited to express their own views about individual freedom and how you are promoting it and especially implementing it in your own life.

Anarchist, Minarchist, Anti-state

Individual Freedom Advocates

Libertarian, Freedom and Liberty Adcocates


Political Conservative

Respond To The Challenge

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