Introducing Freedom Underground

Freedom Underground is a new subsection of the Free Individual dedicated to providing a platform for free independent individuals to express themselves. Your thoughts, ideas, and views are solicited for inclusion in the Free Underground, and will include, your comments, questions, criticisms, essays, monographs, articles, or stories—especially regarding living as a free individual.

What To Write

Comments, Questions, and Criticisms

Brief comments, questions, or criticisms of any article in either the Free Individual or Freedom Underground are welcome and will be published, unless you indicate otherwise.

Articles, Essays, Monographs

Serious or satire, frank or facetious, articles addressing anything of interest to those busy with the business of living and achieving are welcome. From philosophical views pertaining to individualism, or any aspect of reality, to papers poking fun at academia and the modern nonsense called philosophy (cultural Marxism, post modernism, etc.) to what is called art and literature today.

Freedom Underground is looking for original imaginative writing that would probably be rejected by any political correct publisher (which is almost everyone). Freedom Underground does not care who might be offended by anyone's view or opinion if the view objective and reasonable.

True Stories, Fiction, Biographies

Stories, fiction or true, that exemplify living free in this world are especially welcome. The stories may be about an individualists life, or the adventure of a life of achievement and discovery, or simply how one is thoroughly enjoying a life lived to the fullest.

Not Of Interest

Articles about or promoting religion, ideologies, or any kind of political or social movements of programs are not welcome.

Current political or social, "news," is generally not of interest here. Exceptions would be those cases that directly relate to individuals who are living free and enjoying the great adventure which is life.

Articles which, in any way, deal with human beings as members of any class or category (race, ethnicity, physical characteristics) or evaluate individual human on any basis other than what any individual has actually done and achieved are also not welcome.

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