Free Individual Articles are usually full length articles covering principles and issues of individual freedom. They are published less frequently than daily Freedom Wisdom articles, which has its own index.

Welcome To the Free Individual [Permanent Article]—Welcome to FREEDOM! Your freedom, if you want it, not sometime in the future, not when some program has been put over or some political agenda has succeeded, but freedom NOW, beginning today!

A complete overview of what the Free Individual offers.

Free Thinking [10/26/2020]—Free-thinkers are confident, logical and intelligent. They give birth to their own ideas and resist the dominating mantras of the simple-minded. Having a mind that is free and the courage to express it will often mean free-thinkers have only a few close friends (who are equally interesting and intelligent).

Freedom Ethics [10/23/2020]— The totally independent free individual is the only truly moral individual and only a moral individual is ever truly free. The purpose of ethics in philosophy is to discover and identify the fundamental principles of right and wrong in thought and action. The objective of those principles is the success and happiness of the individual as a human being.

Money [10/22/2020]—"Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns—or dollars. Take your choice—there is no other—and your time is running out."

No Political Solution [10/10/2020]—Western culture, especially in The United States is usually associate with "individuality, reason, diversity, and progress" as prized values of that culture. The libertarian question is, if freedom results in a society in which those prized values were lost, is freedom itself a mistake?

Private Life [10/19/2020]—While these are meant as means of acquiring wealth, they are also part of remaining invisible to the political system.

Politics, A Joke [10/18/2020]—Politics never has to be taken seriously. All of politics is an unintended circus. Every politician is a clown promising what he cannot possibly deliver. One cannot blame them for making the promises, it's how they get elected, but how can anyone who understands that not laugh at those who are stupid enough to take them seriously.

Nobody Wants To Know The Truth [10/17/2020]—I'm not surprised, really. Perhaps I'm a little disappointed, but not in the way I might have been if I had expected or depended on it. Fortunately I've long been immune to any need for anyone else to be anything other than what they are. Still, it would have been nice to find more than the handful of individuals I've come to know who really want to know the truth.

Who Is We [10/15/2020]—There is no collective, no social, no political means of implementing individualism. It would be a contradiction in terms. The future is not determined by some, "we," it is determined only by what individuals choose and do.

Postmodernism, A Psychosis [10/12/2020]—Some examples of anti-reason anti-mind ideas that are being foisted on every aspect of culture and society by the cultural Marxists and postmodernists.

Prussian "Public" Schools [10/11/2020]—The rest is right out of the Prussian model/cultural Marxist handbook.

The Allure Of Anarchy [10/10/2020]—I am not an anarchist, I am an individualist, a "free independent individual," because there is no other kind. Because I am an individualist, I have no use for government. No government has anything of value to offer me, and all government is a threat to my life and personal freedom.

Underground [10/09/2020]—One of the things it is very difficult for the unfree, the vast majority of humanity, to believe is that there are literally millions of people in this world who are living their lives as free individuals.

One reason this is generally unknown is because the truly free are largely invisible, but there are signs of their existence everywhere. One of those signs is what is call the, "shadow economy."

Your Freedom Now (Part 3 of 3) [10/06/2020]—Freedom is not free! The price is risk and insecurity. Actually there is no more risk or insecurity in the life of an independent free individual than in the life of anyone else. The difference is the individualist recognizes the reality of risk, embraces it as an element of adventure, and knows exactly how to deal with it.

Your Freedom Now (Part 2 of 3) [10/05/2020]—You and I, who want to be free without waiting for the government or society to change, need to know what practical freedom is. How can we free ourselves?

Your Freedom Now (Part 1 of 3) [10/04/2020]—What the Free Individualist means by freedom is real freedom for real people in the real world, right now.

Most people really do not want freedom. Most people want security. They want guarantees, assurances that nothing will ever go wrong, that they will never be hurt or disappointed, that everything will always be what they like and what they are used to and they will always be happy. In this world there are no guarantees, things always go wrong, there are always changes and disappointments, and those who seek guarantees are never going to be happy.

Your Personal Freedom [09/21/2020]—Freedom is not the same as, "liberty." Liberty is a political concept and means something granted to or, "provided," by some agency of force—that is, a government. Liberty is not freedom, liberty is what some controlling agency allows or gives you permission to do. Freedom means being able to do whatever you choose to do without getting anyone else's permission or approval. Freedom is being able to live your life in any way you can choose, never being prevented by anyone else from going wherever you like or doing whatever you like, and never being compelled by anyone else to go anyplace or do anything you do not choose to go or do.

Why Live In Society? [09/20/2020]—Most human being choose to live in some kind of social relationship with other human beings. This observation is mistakenly attributed to some supposed evolutionary or inherited natural attribute of human beings, called the, "social nature," or, "social instinct." Nothing causes human beings to do or be anything, because they must choose all their behavior.

The Privileged [09/13/2020]—Privilege may be defined as a special advantage or prerogative enjoyed by some individuals. The word is used these days as a pejorative. To call someone, "privileged," is tantamount to calling them evil, dangerous, or dishonest.

Must Choose [09/09/2020]—The first requirement for living a free successful life is knowing one can and must consciously choose everything they do.

It is impossible to escape the fact that everything you do you choose to do. It is possible to attempt to evade responsibility for your choices. You can blame other things for what you do, like feelings, or desires, genetics, or society, your health, moods, or the provocation of others, but none of those excuses cover up the fact that whatever you do, you do because you have chosen to do it.

Independence—Better Than Morality [09/06/2020]—Independence is the primary virtue of being a free individual. Dependence means being tied to some authority or obligation by which one's own choice are restricted. One cannot be free without being independent of all possible external limitations or strictures.

Freedom Not For Everyone [09/02/2020]—Why does the Free Individual logo add "For The Exceptional?" Because those who truly want freedom are exceptional. Most people say they want to be free, when asked, but in fact most do not know what true freedom is and would despise it if it were forced on them.>