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This article is really not meant for the Free Individual, and is only posted here as a record. It is written to solve a problem on a certain philosophy forum where assumptions about my views are so often wrong.

Nevertheless, the list might be interesting to anyone wondering why the Free Individual does not support or promote any program or agenda and is not in the business of changing anyone else's mind, or saving the world, or making society what someone would like it to be. The whole purpose of the Free Individual is to provide information and tools that individuals might find useful and beneficial in the pursuit of their own individual lives.

The following lists most of the more important views which I do not hold.

  1. Every ideology (-ism) is always wrong.
    1. Atheism is wrong.
    2. Theism is wrong.
    3. Altruism is wrong.
    4. Socialism is wrong.
    5. All collectivism is wrong.
    6. All political ideologies are wrong.
      1. All political parties are wrong.
      2. Libertarianism is wrong.
      3. Objectivism is wrong.
      4. Anarchism is wrong.
      5. All government is wrong.
      6. All man-made laws are wrong.
      7. There is no such thing as rights.
      8. There is no such thing as intrinsic morality.
  2. No philosopher in history was right. (A very small number got some things right, but are mostly forgotten or marginalized today.)
  3. Academia is anti-knowledge.
  4. All so-called philosophies are ideologies and wrong.
  5. All so-called Eastern philosophy is irredeemable nonsense.
  6. All religion is nonsense.
  7. All mysticism is nonsense.
  8. All skepticism (and sophism) is wrong.
  9. There is certain knowledge.
  10. All real science is valid.
    1. Fundamental physics is real science.
    2. Fundamental chemistry is real science.
    3. Most of biology (and medicine) is real science.
    4. Real science is the basis of all successful technology.
  11. Most so-called science today is not science, but pseudo-science.
    1. Psychology is not science.
    2. Sociology is not science.
    3. Ecology (and environmentalism) are not science.
    4. Anthropology is not science.
    5. Cosmology is not science.
    6. Evolution is not science.
The only purpose of this list is to save some time for those who assume things in our discussions about my views and address those views as arguments when they are not my views at all. Very often someone will explain what is wrong with some point I am making with, "Well, that's because your are an Atheist," or, "that's just your Libertarian view," (neither of which I am). Even worse are those who use as arguments something some supposed philosopher or psaudo-scientific authority said, when I regard those authorities as wrong.

I have no interest in convincing anyone else to adopt my views (or any views). One should never accept any view as correct if their own best reason from the best evidence available to them does not convince them it is true. It is better to remain ignorant than to fill a gap in one's knowledge with what is not true.

Someone is sure to notice, with the exception of science, the list is entirely negative, because the intention is only to save others the trouble of assuming I hold views that I do not. This should not be construed to assume I have no positive views. The truth is, all of those views I do not hold are because I am so certain of the things I do know, I cannot possibly accept all these lies that contradict what I know.

It may also be observed that most of what I have listed are what most of the world believes. For those who are really interested, I've addressed elsewhere why most of what most people believe is not true:

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