"If you are waiting for the government to change, or society to change, or for some program or movement to be successful to find freedom, you will never be free."
Welcome To the Free Individual

Welcome to FREEDOM! Your freedom, if you want it, not sometime in the future, not when some program has been put over or some political agenda has succeeded, but freedom NOW, beginning today!

The "Free Individual" is for those choosing to live their lives as free individuals in this world in their lifetime. If that is what you choose, or are already living as a free individual, the, "Free Individual," is dedicated to your life.

Your Freedom, Beginning Now

There are no other pages on the Internet quite like the "Free Individual." You will not find the principles of securing your own individual freedom and successfully enjoying that life on any Libertarian sites, or Objectivist sites, or anarchist sites, or religious sites, or any so-called Conservative political sites no matter how many times they use the word, "freedom."

The "Free Individual" is not here to convince anyone to seek freedom, however; it is only for those who already know, "free," is the only way they care to live and are serious about achieving and enjoying their own freedom.

Not A Secret To Everything Site

If an individual wants to be free, they can be, but like all other things in life, it must be earned. That means the individual must learn how to achieve and secure his own freedom, and must be willing to make the effort required to achieve it.

The "Free Individual" can tell you how to find freedom in simple objective terms, but the "Free Individual" is not a personal development site. Do not expect a secret formula for establishing your freedom. Freedom means being free to live your life as you choose, bearing the consequences of your wrong choices and enjoying without limitation the rewards of your right ones, but only you can determine what those right and wrong choices are, and only you can take the action necessary to achieve what you have chosen.

A correct philosophy can provide the principles by which you can determine what right and wrong choices are, but it cannot tell you what specific choices to make or make them for you.

The purpose of the "Free Individual" is to provide useful principles and resources which those seeking freedom may use to achieve their own freedom and thoroughly enjoy it. It is not about convincing anyone to seek freedom, or joining a program or movement, or promoting some freedom producing program. It is about being as free as possible in the real world today, which, like everything else in human life, is something an individual does and accomplishes by their own effort.

What Freedom Will Cost

If you are to be free, it will cost you. It will cost you the effort to determine what freedom means for you, the effort to discover how to achieve that freedom, and the effort to implement whatever methods you ultimately choose.

But the costs will be more than just that effort. In addition to the actual work required to establish your own freedom, there are four other costs: risk, being misunderstood, denunciation, and emotional pain. These are not mere abstractions, but the very real experiences any one who chooses to be free will have. If you are aleady living free, you will have experienced some of these. The "Free Individual" will help you understand why they are and how to deal with them.

If you are willing to bear the risk which cannot be evaded, being misunderstood and denounced are perhaps the most difficult costs to bear. If you choose to follow the path of freedom, be warned, you will neither be understood or appreciated for your effort and will be regarded by most as either a fool, a danger, or a "trouble-maker"—though it will bewilder you that those toward whom you hold no animosity and for whom you are no threat at all, hate and despise you. What they will despise you for is not for what you are (which they can never hope to be), but for what they are not.

Still, it is the emotional cost that you are least likely to anticipate and find most difficult. You will almost surely have to give up some relationships that will be emotionally difficult, and being misunderstood, even despised, is not emotionally easy.

Despite the costs, however, for the free individual, no price is too high for freedom, and nothing will induce him to surrender it.

Paying, But Minimizing The Price

The price of freedom cannot be evaded, but it can be minimized. Like most tasks in life, there are more economical and efficient ways to accomplish the same thing. The purpose of the "Free Individual" is to provide the philosophical principles, methods, techniques, and practical resources to most efficiently achieve and enjoy one's own freedom.

Many people are spending their lives in a pursuit of freedom that cannot possibly produce it. The "Free Individual" will show you how to avoid wasting your effort, time, and emotional energy on what will not do anything but frustrate you—so you can concentrate your effort on the only objective that matters to you, your complete freedom to live your life as you choose in the world today.

Please enjoy the "Free Individual," and please enjoy your freedom.