Freedom Strategies—Education & Knowledge

The most important and most neglected of all aspects of achieving one's own freedom and success is the need for knowledge. The necessity of knowledge has been discussed in two previous FI articles: The Only Path To Success And Happiness—Knowledge And Work and The Moral Nature

Two points from those articles:

  • There is nothing your life requires you can have without knowledge. When you are first born it is not your own knowledge that keeps you alive, fed, clothed, sheltered, and safe from the dangers of life, it is the knowledge of those who choose to love and nurture you, but it is still their knowledge of how to provide those things that make your young life possible. As you grow older, more and more of the things your life requires will depend on the knowledge you gain as you grow and mature. By the time you are an adult, most of how you live will depends on your own knowledge.

    There is not a single thing a human chooses to do that can be done without knowledge.

  • Since everything you do in life requires knowledge, from playing a game to creating an industry, what you are able to do in life is determined by how much you know. You cannot play a game if you don't know the rules are. You cannot make something of wood if you know nothing about wood, how to acquire it, how to use wood tools, make measurements, use fasteners and glue. You cannot compose music if you know nothing about notes, scales, chords, keys, or musical notation. There is nothing you might want to do in life that you can do without knowledge specific to the kind of thing you might want to do.

    Since life consists of what you do, and what you can do depends on what you know, the less you know the less you can do and the less you will live. The limit of your knowledge is the limit of your life.

The articles and links on this page will provide an almost endless source of knowledge and educational resources. The Free Individual does not endorse or promote any of these off-site links, which will be carefully marked, but has thorougly researched them to ensure they really are legitimate sources of useful information.