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These sites are all recommended by various sources promoting freedom, individualism, or liberty. The words, "freedom," "individualism," and "liberty," will be found liberally sprinkled throughout the content of these sites, as though using the words actually made those sites about those principles. Most of these sites are not actually about individual freedom at all. By, "liberty," they mean some kind of social or political state; by, "freedom," they mean being able to act on any desire without responsibility; by, "individualism," they mean some supposed, "right," to any kind of behavior without consequence. None of which are either freedom or individualism.

The categorization of sites is provided only as a guide, not as an evaluation. Some sites are listed under more than one category.

Sites in the, "Not Current," section are still available and will be of interest to those who study the online history of the so-called, "freedom movement."

For links to many more freedom and liberty resources see the, "Freedom Library," page.

For links to sites for research in all other categories, please see, "Research Resources," "Books," and, "Literature, Books, Authors—Lists."

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Freedom Fringes—Past and Present

Liberty and freedom movements always attract crackpots and scam artists. There are always a lot of stange so-called, "freedom," schemes. Perhaps 95% of the sites listed have questionable aspects. The links in this section are just a little more, "fringy," than the others.

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