Daily Freedom

In those days when young people were brought up to be independent and competent individuals, able to think for themselves and solve their own problems, they were taught some basic principles of life, very often in the form of proverbs and aphorisms such as, "you can't have your cake and eat it too," and, "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me."

Of course, not all those sayings were correct and they were not a substitute for a sound philosophy of life, but many of them were like condensations of timeless truth, real principles that would always apply, like the two mentioned. How many people squander their lives and wealth in defiance of the simple fact, if you spend what you have it is gone, forever, or live in constant stress worrying about what others say to about them.

This section of the Free Individual will collect short articles based on succinct incisive statements of easy to remember and implement principles pertaining to living a free successful life.

These principles will be based on sound philosophy, and where appropriate links will be provided to more in depth philosophical discussions of the principles.

Two Other Purposes

There are two other purposes of this section: 1. Living As An Alien In The World, and 2. Practical Freedom Information.

1. Living As An Alien In The World

If you live in this world as a free individual it will be very much like being an immigrant in a foreign land. Most of those who populate this planet have views and values that will both bewilder and threaten you. Most human beings are predominantely superstitious, believing impossiblities, are essentially uncivilized believing that force is appropriate in human relations, and have no personal identity, deriving all their views and sense of personal value from their membership in or association with some collective such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, or some social or political party or ideology.

They will never understand your sense of personal integrity and need to know your own identity and value is determined solely by what you do and achieve as a human being. They will even consider you a threat, not because you would ever interfere in their lives or purposes, but because you do not support whatever collective ideology they believe in.

For you, living in this world is like living in a foreign land. While the natives are interesting and mostly harmless, it is still necessary to understand their culture and society and recognize it's dangers and any possible threats it might pose. From time to time, the Free Individual will include in this section articles covering those aspects of politics, social and cultural events, and ideas being promoted in the popular press or academia that a free individual needs to be aware of, to understand what the mass of ignorant natives are doing and how to deal with any of it that might affect one's own life.

2. Practical Freedom Information

What freedom means for every individual will be different, but whatever one chooses to do with their own life, it is the present real world and what it makes possible that determines how one must achieve their freedom. From time to time, the Free Individual will include in this section aritles providing practical information and resources that will help the free individual to achieve and maintain his own freedom.

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