What Are You Waiting For?

If it is truly freedom you desire, what are you waiting for. You already know there is no program, or movement, or canmpaign that is going to bring you freedom in your lifetime, that freedom, like all other things of value to human beings, must be earned and achieved by the individual—that is, you! You don't expect anyone else to provide your food, your lodging, your education, your medical care, and if you believe freedom is a value you don't expect anyone else to supply that either.

If you are a follower of the, "Free Individual," you know freedom is yours for the taking, but like anything of value, it requires your own effort, and because it is the most valuable of all achievements, it will be the most costly.

There is only one reason you are not free already, or at least seriously pursuing it&mdaash;you are waiting for something. The question is, what in the world are you waiting for!?

They Will Never Agree or Approve

Perhaps you are waiting for those who are important to you, or you think are important to you to agree with you choice to pursue your own freedom. Whatever your plan is, you want them to agree it is what you ought to do. If those you love, your family, friends, or other associates you respect are truly interested in your happiness and welfare, you know they ought to approve of any choice you make in your own best interest. If they do not approve, you may believe it is only because they do not understand why this is the right choice for you to make.

If you have made it clear why you are making the choice to be free, and others do not agree with your choice, or approve of your choice, you can be certain it has nothing to do with their interest in your happiness or welfare. Your choice is either a threat or offense to them, because they need others to support their views, and they do not care how much it hurts those others. I you are waiting for someone to agree with you, or to approve what you have chosen, you are waiting for what will never happen. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or approves of, you must do what is right, and there is not excuse for not pursuing your own freedom, especially anyone else's opinion. You are an independent individualist and never need anyone else's agreement or approval to do what is right.

Things Will Not Get Better

Perhaps you are waiting for things to get better, some situation or condition to make the grand scheme to be free more likely to succeed.

It is always a mistake to make choices and initiate actions without knowing exactly what one intends to do and how they intend to do it, of course. No one should start on a journey without knowing they have the resources to complete it. Whatever you have decided freedom means to you, and however you know you must pursue it, you must understand exactly what the cost will be and make the effort to meet that cost.

If, for example, you know to be free to do what you must to fulfill the objectives of your life, you must live in another country, or be an expat or, "permanent traveler," that will require a certain amount of financial resource. If that were your goal, you must already be working on establishing the financial base required to meet your objective.

But if you are waiting for fanancial conditions to change before pursuing that, you are making a great mistake. Financial conditions are almost certain not to improve.

Finances is only one example, but any condition you might be waiting for to improve is a mistake. Things never improve on their own. The nature of this world is one where everything untended to decays, rusts, rots, and and eventually collapses.

Conditions are not goingt to improve. It is very unlikely that anything is going to be "better" in the future, and there will never be a better time to seek your freedom than now.

It Will Never Feel Right

Perhaps you are waiting for a certain feeling, a sense of someting that will tell you, "now is the time," to seek your freedom. If that is what you are waiting for it will never happen and you will never be free.

The choice to do anything must never be based on a feeling, and waiting for a feeling actually makes the feeling that one's choice is right an impossible one. Our feelings follow our thoughts and convictions. The moment you determindly choose to seek your freedom immediately, knowing that it is what is right and necessary to your life, no matter how you feel when you make that choice, the consequence of that choice will be exactly the feeling you are waiting for—the feeling of total confidence in you choice, and the enthusiasm to pursue it, because you know you have made the rationally objective correct choice.

You Will Never Be Understood or Appreciated

Like agreement and approval, you will never be understood or appreciated by those who do not choose freedom.

If you are waiting to be understood, or to be appreciated for your achievements and accomlishments as a free individual, you will never be truly free. The desire for other to understand and appreciate our virtues is a dessire for justice, a desire to be recognized for what we are by others capable of that recognition. To desire it of others who are incapable of either grasping the true nature of freedom or the value of independent creativity is to desire what no one can have.

Be content that the few individualist you will encounter in your life will not only never question how you have chosen to live your life, but will both applaud your individuality and truly appreciate what you have achieved and made of yourself.

There is nothing more important to the independent individualist than freedom, and anything one places above that pursuit is a mistake.