A Free Individual—Ghost

From time to time I like to provide examples of those heroic rebels who have carried out their own "Individualist Revolution," as evidence that those who choose to, can live as free individuals today. One recent example was Cory the well driller.

Another example of individualist revolution presented to me and it is a wonderful example of my point in "Freedom Is A Family Affair." The example came in the form of a response to an earlier article as a kind of personal affirmation of independence and freedom, which I've slightly edited:

I find that most people have been indoctrinated through public education (a.k.a. institutionalized brainwashing) with the watered down version of freedom; you know, the one where you give your consent to a cavity search because the united states is the freest nation on earth and the "I don't have anything to hide" mentality and (yes I know I did not capitalize united states). It sickens me to the core.

What I find even more interesting is when someone will strike up a conversation about how we are being screwed by the government, yet, "we have to do what's right and support them." At that point I get my star map out to verify what planet I am on. Oh, I think I used the word verify; that seems to be a government favorite. It seems as though they always have to verify who I am. SURPRISE! I have no I.D.

That's part of me being free! Yes, it does make life very interesting more often than not, but it makes it much more interesting and confusing to those who ask to see it. The look on their face is priceless, especially to those who falsely believe they have authority over me. Of course that doesn't stop them from violating what I perceive to be my God given rights as a human being. But I've never been in jail either. People are afraid. They fear the very thing they seem to worship; government. What was once considered tyranny has now been translated into a healthy respect for the law and a responsibility to others (others as in government officials).

All sarcasm aside; it's a hard life. My family and I suffer a lot of hardship, ridicule, and strife. It's a cruel attempt by others to beat us back into the herd, but to no avail. When you gird yourself with freedom you will be hated and maligned. But I can promise you this; once you fully realize your freedom, the individual that you will have become, you will have a great conscience and you will not have to second guess yourself when challenged, and you will be challenged.

I am 52 years old with a wonderful wife and six wonderful freedom loving children. As long as we are able to endure and grow our family, I know that my children will produce more free people. I sleep good at night.

Freedom is the greatest adventure of a lifetime, and there ain't no going back to the herd.

I like everything about this personal declaration of independence, and some of the observations are profoundly insightful. "People are afraid," sums up the age, and what they are most terrified of is freedom itself and the necessity of being entirely responsible for their own lives. "All sarcasm aside; it's a hard life," which is exactly what it's supposed to be, nothing worth doing is easy. "Freedom is the greatest adventure of a lifetime," and an adventure is exactly what life is, why would anyone settle for anything less?

Thank you Ghost!