Your Daily Freedom Vitamins

Please see Freedom Wisdomfor a brief description of what Freedom Wisdom is and how it can help you achieve and enjoy your own personal freedom. These are usually short daily articles. Full lenth Free Individual article are indexed separately.

Being Truly Yourself[10/27/2020]—Being yourself is being what you have made yourself.

Everybody Is Different [10/26/2020]—One man's meat is another man's poison; one man's trash is anothe man's treasure.

Practical Freedom [10/25/2020]—Practival freedom means identifying what it is you want to do and achieving the conditions in which you are free do it. Freedom means being able to do whatever you choose to do without the interference of any other individuals or human agencies, including government. If you are able to do whatever you choose, you are free.

Making Money [10/22/2020]—Money is a tangible representation of one's independence, the symbol of his productivity, as well as a means to freedom itself.

Never Explain [10/20/2020]—You do not need an excuse to live your life. You do not need anyone else's permission, approval, or agreement.

Diversions From Freedom [10/18/2020]—Even if one is truly an independent individualist who cannot live without freedom, it is easy to get diverted from the course of freedom, because there are an infinite number of things in this world all beckoning to us to, "look at this," "buy this," "do this," or, "worry about this," with promises of interest, excitement, importance, pleasure or satisfaction.

Food For Free Thinking [10/15/2020]—Knowledge is food for thought. Knowledge is all we have to think about or to think with. Many times, it is just an idea we become conscious of that sets off a chain of thinking that might inspire us, or clarify something that was otherwise in dout, or simply something interesting because it is a different way of seeing the truth.

Basic Knowledge [10/11/2020]—Knowledge is an absolute necessity for human success, and is one reason we want to have as much knowledge as possible. Since there is an almost infinite number of things one might learn, what kind of knowledge should one pursue?

Freedom, Not Vice [10/03/2020]—Freedom is not freedom to do wrong and get away with it.

The Dignity Of Freedom [10/02/2020]—Dignity is the highest virtue, encompassing all others, and is only possible to free individuals.

What Are You Waiting For? [10/01/2020]—If it is truly freedom you desire, what are you waiting for.

Why Do You Want To Be Free? [09/30/2020]—Freedom means being free to do whatever one chooses to do. If you do not have something to do, you really do not need freedom.

What Are You Living For? [09/24/2020]—What makes you life worth living?

Racism [09/18/2020]—What racism is and it's danger to you and your freedom.