Ten Mistakes—1. The Secret Of Success

Free independent individualists are neither omnisicient nor infallible, and are as prone to mistakes as any other human beings. The difference is, a free individual is always willing to admit and correct mistakes when they are discovered.

There are some mistakes that are so common most never learn to identify them until they have cost them more than they can fully recover from or correct. These are common mistakes resulting from acceptling what one is taught all their lives. Most people never discover they are mistakes.

Understanding the nature of these commonly accepted fallacies can save an individual endless disappointment and waste of time, money, and effort.

This is the first of ten short articles identifying ten of the most common mistakes every individual must be aware of.

Shortcuts, Secret Keys, And Magic Methods

You will hear and read endless claims and advertisements for books, seminars, training programs, and even ideologies that all claim they will provide you with the secrets and easy methods of achieving and being anything you want. I've already alluded to this mistake in the article, "The Secret Key to Everything."

There just are no gimmicks, tricks, or easy schemes to achieving or accomplishing anything of real value in this life, yet most people spend their lifetime looking for that "secret" that is going to make them handsom, or beautiful, or rich, or successful, or lucky, or happy

There is a key to every form of success in this world, but it is no secret. The key to success, to achieving and having the kind of free life one desires, is simple enough to understand, but very difficult to implement—one must choose what they want to do, gain all the knowledge they possibly can to do what they have chosen to do, and expend the time and effort necessary to accomplish what they have chosen. The more profitable or rewarding one's chosen path is, the more knowledge and effort will be required to achieve that goal. In short, the "key" to success is ruthless hard work.

[See, "The Only Path To Success And Happiness—Knowledge And Work."]

What to remember:                  There Are No Shortcuts!