Ten Mistakes—5. Things Will Not Get Better

Unlike non-living entities, every living organism must act to remain the kind of organisms it is. The life of any organism is not something that happens to the organism, but something it does and must do if it is to remain alive.

From, "The Nature Of Life:"

"The unique character of the life process is to sustain the living organism as the kind of organism it is. So long as that process continues, the organism continues to exist as the kind of organism it is. The moment the process ceases, the organism reverts to being a mere physical entity."

As living organisms, human beings must also act to sustain themselves as the kind of beings they are. That is why I emphasize, "your life consists of what you do, not what happens to you."

Everything Changes

With the exception of the principles which describe reality itself, everything in the universe changes. Some things change very slowly and may not even be noticed in one's lifetime, (like the lengthening of days). Others begin changing the moment they exist, (like every living organism). The fact of perpetual change, which is simply the behavior of the entire physical universe, is what makes all things possible, including life and human beings.

In this perpetually changing universe, nothing human beings require to live is provided except the resources and raw materials from which all human requirements, from food to medicine, from tools to machine, and from clothing to buildings, must be created and produced by human effort. Since everything changes, nothing human's produce remains the same over time. In fact, every human artifact, left unattended, decays, rots, and rusts.

It is not only things that change, but almost everything human beings become accustomed and and take for granted changes over time. New technology and industries mean jobs and careers of today will not exist tomorrow. The fashions and culture of today will all be overthrown tomorrow. From language to art, everything will change and most of that change will be unexpected.

Nothing Improves On Its Own

Some things will improve as science and technology find ways to cure some diseases and make the production of some goods and services better, but it is a bad mistake to assume anything will just get better on it's own. Just to maintain what is of value today requires continuous care and attention. The little problems with your home, your car, your own health will not just get better and unless you make the effort to fix your problems, they will only get worse. That's the nature of this changing universe.

Life Requires Continuous Unrelenting Effort!

In most cases, unless one is actually making an effort to improve themselves they are actually falling behind. The economy will not improve and whatever wealth you have will be diminished by inflation. The job you have today will change as technology changes and unless you keep up with the fastest developments, you will find yourself without a career. If you are going to live successfully in this changing world, it mean always striving to improve yourself, always learning and developing new abilities, and always thinking of new ways to be all you can be as a human being.

What to remember:                  If You Are Not Growing You Are Dying!