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Autonomist Philosophy Series
"What Philosophy Is This?" A very brief introduction to the Autonomist Philosophy Series.
With Reference to Objectivism A brief discussion of the relationship of the Autonomist philosophy and the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
Introduction to Metaphysics An introduction to the basic questions and concepts of metaphysics.
Metaphysics—Part 1 Identifying the really real reality. Metaphysics proper.
Metaphysics—Part 2 The Categorical Hierarchy of Existence.
Objectives of Ontology An overview of what this ontology intends to accomplish, with some ground rules for what constitutes a correct ontology. It includes some important questions ontology must answer.
Basic Principles of Ontology The foundational concepts of ontology.
Ontological Hierarchy of Differentiation (OHD) Introduction and general description of the ultimate or primary qualities of existence in terms of which all other qualities and characteristics of all existence can be described and understood. Includes three additional parts.
(OHD1) Position, Motion, and Acceleration.
(OHD2) Life.
(OHD3) Consciousness and Volition.
Answers to the Ontological Questions Answers all the questions raised in Objectives of Ontology based on the principles delineated in the Hierarchy.
Feelings A brief explanation of what emotions are, their nature and place in our philosophical understanding of human nature and values.
Desires A brief explanation of what desires are, their nature and place in our philosophical understanding of human nature.
Consciousness The Metaphysical Nature of Perception.
Perception The Validity of Perceptual Evidence.
Qualities The nature of qualities and there relationship to both ontology and epistemology.
Introduction to Concepts The Building Blocks of Knowledge.
Concepts—Simple The Basic Principles and Nature of Concepts.
Life—An Addendum A less formal explication of the non-physicalist aspects of life.
The Physical—Position, Motion, Acceleration A less technical explanation of the ontological principles introduced in the formal ontology.
Ayn RandTop
Ayn Rand, Not A Physicalist Ayn Rand was not a dualist or mystic and definitely not a "materialist" or "physicalist."
Facets of Ayn Rand A brief introduction to Mary Ann and Charles Sures' charming and personal book, Facets of Ayn Rand, available, free online.
The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics: The Case Against the Brandens A review and thorough analysis of James S. Valliant's The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics: The Case Against the Brandens.
Ayn Rand's Mistake A brief history of Ayn Rand's aborted attempt to promote an individualist movement. A method she later repudiated.
Ayn Rand and Christianity A Christian's decent critique of Rand's ethics, and clearing up some misunderstandings.
Culture, Society, PoliticsTop
Conversations With Raymond Regi's conversations with Raymond LePage:

What's Normal? Homosexuality isn't.
A Queer Kind of Liberty Hedonism is not freedom.
Never Has, Never Will All movements collectivist.
What About Other People? Only individual others matter.
The Tramp Stamp Versus The Smile Beauty comes from inside, not stamped on the outside.

Sex, Love, and Marriage A defense of marriage and of romantic love as the highest good achievable by man.
Ayn Rand, Doctors, and a Good Book Introducing Gen LaGreca's novel, Noble Vision.
Win Harry Browne's Book A contest promoting the Free Individual.
The Winners of Harry Browne's Book Three winners announced.
The Secret Key to Everything The motivational-training and personal-development industry is a scam bilking millions with the promise of easy tricks and gimmicks to instant wealth and success. There are no shortcuts.
A Queer Kind of Liberty About "peaceful demonstrators" and "same-sex marraige" of which there are no such things.
The Perfect Human Diet—More Food Nonsense There is no such thing as a perfect human diet, and no one is a food expert or authority.
Never Has, Never Will No program, movement, or organization will produce freedom, and neither will joining something.
Decadence and Decency Defining the difference between true exceptionalism and the simply squalid.
Free Society, The Unrealizable Ideal In the, "fight for freedom," most are doing everything that will not work, and not doing the one thing that will—making themselves free.
A Dream of Daring A review of a novel about freedom, adventure, justice, and romance.
No Political Solution There is no political means to produce the kind of society one desires.
Demonstrations, Protests, and Other Adolescent Tantrums Acting Without Principles: The Absurdity of "Intellectual Property Rights.
No, It's Not Normal About the true nature of homosexuality.
Your Money is Dirty Money laundering and other political lies.
Regi Predicts (War With Iran?) Neocons push for war with Iran, but none of their predictions can be believed.
Food Fools Food fads and government intrusion.
"Intellectual Property" Vesus the Free Market Examples of the intellectual property racket in practice.
Hitchens And God The absurd ideas that dominate the smaller minds of both theists and atheists.
Betrayer Of Freedom An example of a so-called fighter for freedom, who like all the others is actually the enemy of freedom both ideologically and practically.
Anarchism and Society What anarchism gets right and what it gets wrong and why I cannot be an anarchist.
Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking The true nature of so-called "critical thinking." The corruption of language that puts over the leftist agenda.
Libya First article on the Libyan invasion.
Gaddafi's Murder Second article on the Libyan invasion and the consequences of American spite and ignorance.
Mind-benders Introduction First in the mind-bender series and introduction to the "The Mind-bender Concepts Series."
Mind-bending Concepts—Perception The word most often used to obfuscate the mind-benders meaning.
Mind-bending Concepts—Paradigm A word used to repudiate well understood principles and truth.
Mind-bending Concepts—Non-linear Thinking A non-existent form of reasoning used to destroy true reasoning.
Mind-bending Concepts—Critical Thinking A disastrous perversion of the meaning of reason and thinking.
Mind-bending Concepts—Simplistic A concept mostly made-up to put over a host of irrational ideas.
Mind-bending Concepts—Perception The word most often used to obfuscate the mind-benders meaning.
Mind-bending Concepts—Teams A term used to put over a variety of collectivist ideas.
Mind-bending Concepts—Leadership An anti-individualist anti-independence concept.
Mind-bending Concepts—Consensus A collectivist and objective reason concept.
Mind-bending Concepts—Synergy [Emergence and Holism] A collection of concepts that are anti-individualism and irrational.
Mind-benders—The de Bono Brothers A very lucrative mind destroying program out of academia.
Chuck Frey's Rebuttal A rebuttal of the De Bono Brothers article.
Open Letter to Chuck Frey Response to Chuck Frey's Rebuttal.
Mind-benders—The Gödel Fallacy His incompleteness theorems used to make fallacious assertions about truth, knowledge, reason.
Mind-benders—Mark Hamilton & Neo-tech A huge anti-intellectual scam based on Objectivism.
Mind-benders—Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Everything that is wrong with "personality type" testing.
Mind-benders—The Covey Coven All the is wrong with the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
Mind-benders—Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking The expression, "critical thinking" is right out of post-modernist hell.
Conservatives' Perennial Mistake: Why They Will Always Lose—And Ought To Why abortion must never be a political issue.
The DEA and You Even if you never have anything to do with drugs, you are still a victim of DEA oppression.
New Hampshire Cures Global Warming A satirical look at New Hampshire's absurd climate change legislation.
What Does It All Mean? More absurdities from the world of academia and climate change.
CPS Threat to You and Your Children Literal horrors of "Child Protective Services," the most vicious of child abductors and abusers—a government protected criminal class.
Scandal and Denial at NASA An example of the typical persecution and thuggery heaped on anyone who raises legitimate scientific questions about climate-change orthodoxy.
Live Forever Smoking may kill you—by the time you are 122.
Milk—Another Controlled Substance What do Cocaine, Marijuana, and Milk have in common? They are all controlled substances and if you sell them the government can put you in jail and confiscate your property.
There's More Cuckoo In Switzerland Than Their Clocks More Environmental Wackiness—saving daisies from beheading.
An Uncivilized People TSA invasion of privacy
The SEA A Sign of Very Bad Things to Come—American's growing toleration for oppression and invasion of privacy.
Losing Freedom More TSA outrageous oppression.
Dear President Obama A satirical solution to Obama's enforcement manpower shortage.
Patent Absurdity and Tyranny of the Mind A condensation of a 2004 article on the nature of patents and copyrights.
Our Prussian "Public" Schools The source of the Prussian model in education and it's destructive intentions and disastrous results affecting American society and culture.
Education and Children General principles on education and children, especially homeschooling.
If You Spank Him, He Will Not Die The role and necessity of discipline in education.
The Egypt Gyp The Big Lie about Egypt and the Middle East.
Neocon's Love Darkness, Because Their Deeds Are Evil The corruption and lies which are neoconservatism.
Freedom and Gullibility The corruption of freedom seekers by scam artists.
War Is A Racket Five Chapter Book by Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC, Retired.

Anti-War The evil of war, why there are wars, war rhetoric and the superstitions that foster war.

Cost Of War Unrecoverable financial and human costs of war.

Profits Of War World-wide monster, war industry, engulfing millions of people and huge amounts of the worlds wealth, promoting death, destruction, and the ruination of millions of human lives.

The Peace That Makes War Most of the anti-war and so-called peace movements are as dangerous as war, perhaps ultimately more dangerous.

American's Lust for War American's love war. They revel in it, celebrate it, and promote it. There are thousands of organizations with no other purpose than to glorify and glamorize war.

Freedom and PrivacyTop
Free Society, The Unrealizable Ideal Emphasizing the fact freedom is not a social concept and not a movement to be promoted.
They Love Their Servitude Most people really do not want freedom.
Freedom vs. Government Aristotle's and Rand's mistake about government and society.
The Price of Freedom True freedom requires personal responsibility in everything—a price most are unwilling to pay.
Freedom Now Early article about finding one's own freedom, arguments against those seeking social solutions.
Making Yourself Free If you are waiting for some movement, some government, or anyone else to make you free, you will never be free.
Freedom Methods that Won't Work If you are going to be free, no movement, no organization or agency, and no program is going to make you free.
Does No One Want To Be Free? Honest inquirey leads to the conclusion that no one really wants freedom.
Making Lots of Money Individualist are sometimes naive about money, but here is the only way to make it.
What Is Freedom Most people think they want freedom, but do not know what it really is. If they did, they wouldn't want it.
Offshore Banking Some resources for individualists considering offshore bank accounts.
The Price of Your Freedom The riskiness and cost of true freedom and what you must do to gain it.
Frugalista Another "method" for achieving personal freedom suggested by Wendy McElroy.
The Invasion of Your Privacy: By Almost Everyone Who is invading your privacy and how do they do it.
Internet Privacy Tools and resources for maintaining your Internet privacy.
Gun FreedomTop
"District of Columbia versus Heller" versus Gun Rights The principles evaded by those who mistakenly believe the decision in "District of Columbia versus Heller" was a victory for gun rights.
Guns, Security, and the Three Ps Why your politicians can, with a straight face, describe how they are going to violate your privacy, your property, and your person and do those things to provide you security.
Why Did it Have to be ... Guns? L. Neil Smith's article showing why guns are the test of freedom.
Atlas Shrugged: A Model for Individualist Revolution An individualist revolution is not an organized or violent revolution, but the result to individuals choosing to live in the only way they are willing to live.
Ayn Rand—Autonomist Individualism, not philosophy and certainly no political view was purpose and aim of all Rand's works.
Individualism—Not Objectivism Individualism is not a philosophy and no philosophy can produce individualists.
Saving The World The purpose of philosophy is not to save the world, and all such movements are the source of the worst horrors on this planet.
What Is an Individualist Anyone can be an individualist, but it is a personal choice, and the only way of living a truly human life.
Hated—The Individualist In a Collectivist World Why individualists are always hated, as Rand said, it is "hatred of the good for being the good."
Love and Hate at First Sight Why and how good and evil are recognized and by whom.
Ayn Rand's Mistake A brief history of Ayn Rand's aborted attempt to promote an individualist movement. A method she later repudiated.
The Individualist's Challenge questioning the efficacy of the methods of all organizations that claim to promote individual freedom.
The Individualist's Challenge Continued Simplifying the challenge.
Individualism Is The Only Path to Freedom and Civilization Only the incompetent and the unscrupulous organize.
There Is No Political Solution
Islam, TerrorismTop
Islamic Maggots--Part 1 Islam is not a vital and dangerous threat, but an opportunistic and parasitic infestation.
Islamic Maggots--Part 2 Why Islam, without any power of its own, can infest countries like the USA.
Terrorism You are over 20 times more likely to be struck by lightening than you are to be a victim of airline terrorism. Perhaps we need an LSA (Lightening Security Agency).
Muslim Does Not Mean Arab Dispelling the confusion between Arab and Muslim, and between ethnicity and ideology.
What is an Arab? Arab does not mean Middle-Eatern. Expaining why ethnicity is almost meaningless.
Old Autonomist ArticlesTop
Basic Ideas Basic principles of reason and autonomy.
Bill of Rights Bill of rights from the Constitution of the United States of America.
What's Wrong with Humanism A critical look at the pseudo-philosophy, Humanism, which is a subtle socialist-collectivist ideology meant to replace religion.
July 4 Declaration The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies.
Liberty or Death Patrick Henry's, March 23, 1775, "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death," speech.
Medicine Science and pseudo-science in medicine.
Philosophy (Rand) Address To The Graduating Class Of The United States Military Academy at West Point-"Who Needs Philosophy."
Proof Proving the proof is not only possible, but ubiquitous.
Religion (satire) A semi-serious description of the major religions.
Science (critique) True nature of science and how pseudo-science came to dominate much of it.
Truth & Superstition The nature of truth and why superstition dominates most peoples beliefs and thinking.
What is Philosophy The true nature and necessity of philosophy.
What is Superstition A description of the true nature of superstition.
Philosophy, GeneralTop
Autonomist's Notebook The Autonomist's Notebook is a semi-satirical collection of aphorisms, epigrams, and comments on politics, philosophy, and religion. Every entry has an associated extensive commentary.
Fallacies Exhaustive list of formal and informal fallacies.
Clear Thinking Six principles necessary to clear correct thinking.
Mind: Volition, Reason, Intellect Explaining what the mind is, and its distinction from the feelings and emotions.
Emotions: Their Importance and Control Why we have emotions and what determines them.
Nobody Wants To Know The Truth They prefer to remain Ignorant, Stupid, and Superstitious—Here's Why
The Wisdom of Tathagatagarbha The one true God.
Notes On Tathagatagarbhaianism The whole of Tathagatagarbhaian theology.
Descent Into Postmodernist Hell A conversation with a man whose mind was destroyed by academia.
Postmodernism, A Psychosis Analysis of a postmodernist's explanation of postmodernism.
What Is Existentialism? Analysis of a postmodernist's explanation of postmodernism.
Abstraction, and Symbols Abstraction and symbols are necessary for language, but concepts are not abstractions. Correcting a destructive philosophical mistake.
Cultural Marxist Revolution of the West A fourteen part series on the cultural destruction of Western Civilization—and growing.
Racism and Anti-Semitism A seven part series dissecting the true nature of racism which is much more pervasive than believed.
Assaults on Reality and Knowledge The assaults on reality and knowledge in all intellectual spheres of the day that have turned the minds of men to mush.
The Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing Government failure and looking to government to solve all things.
Caves, Mines, and Social Engineering—An Analogy Why social-engineering must always be a failure.
Disorder, Chaos, and Existence On the nature of order and that disorder with is chaos, the creative power of the world.
Social Chaos—Part I Why "law and order" are not the basis of a successful society.
Social Chaos—Part II Social engineering, by means of laws, kills a society.
Social Chaos—Part III Criminal law cannot prevent crime and does more harm than good.
Social Chaos—Part IV Why laws do not work and why individual liberty is the only means to a healthy society.
Religion and Absolute Moral Values Why a moral code of any kind cannot be a moral guide and actually prevents true morality.
Capitalism: Not What It Used To Be Why Capitalism should no longer be used to mean a free market or free enterprise. Capitalism, today, means fascism.
A Philosophy Overview—A Project A developing resource for those interesting in learning about philosophy and philosophers.
Philosophers A list, by date and alphabetically, of over 400 philosophers with links to resources.
Problems of Objectivism and OINOs (Objectivists In Name Only)Top
A Universal Mistake Problems with Rand's view of universals.
Knowledge of Particulars Objectivist epistemology does not address the question of how we have knowledge of particulars.
My Friend, Ayn Rand On the intrusion of hedonism and subjectivism into what is promoted a Objectivism.
Psychological Flaws, Corruptions, Errors, and Wrong Premises On the perversion of Objectivism by the subjectivist defence of homosexuality.
Measurement The problem with the use of "measurement" in the Objectivist definition of concepts.
Retaliation Objectivism's imprecise use of the world "retaliation."
About Force The Objectivist contention that "force can be stopped only by force," is simply untrue and leads to wrong concepts in both ethics and politics.
Objectivist Frauds, Feuds, and Facebook What can be learned from the OINO wars, or the banalities of ignorance.
OINO Hate Verses Reality Self-styled Objectivists whose irrational hate for religion parallels the historic hate of the Jews.
OINO's Paranoid Fear of Christians Demonstrating the irrational fear and loathing of Christians by some who call themselves Objectivists.
Three Books: An Atheist's Defense of Christianity The evil of those who would crush all religion, and the virtues of Christianity that contributed to Western Civilization.
Strange Noodles Recovered forum thread: Individualist smeared by OINOs.
Objectivists' War on Christianity Concerning a talk entitled, "Christianity vs. Objectivism," presented by an "Objectivist" professor.
Objective vs. Subjective Egoism The difference between the egoism of Rand and the hedonism of OINOs.
America's Descent Into Savagery Pseudo-Objectivis's rejection of privacy is essentially a rejection of individualism and all virtue.
Saving Science A Criticism of the Thesis in David Harriman's The Logical Leap: Induction in Physics.
Pseudo-sciences—Psychology, Environmentalism, EvolutionTop
Fifth Cavalry or Fifth Column Examining psychiatry's disastrous role in our lives.
Green Evil—A Hate Speech Environmentalists have always been liars, anti-industry, anti-human, and anti-life.
Anti-human Environmentalists The real issue of environmentalism.
Problems of the Evolutionary Hypothesis A thorough critique of the evolutionary hypothesis from the view of a geneticist.
Protecting the Theory at Any Cost Fred Reed's scathing expose of evolutionary absurdities.
Fredwin On Evolution Fred Reed's big questions about evolution.
Fred Plans To Devolve Fred Reed—more questions about evolution.
Designing We Shall Go Fred Reed—questions about intelligent design.
Evolutionary Psychology, Sort Of Fred Reed—Evolution, more religion than science.
PEEism—America's Dominant Religious Cult Put over as sciences, psychology, environmentalism, and evolution are the three greatest frauds in history.
Environmental Hegemony How the fraud of environmentalism has come to dominate every aspect of society, economy, and culture.
The Environmentalists' Trick By tricking legitimate scientist into debating them, the greens' environmentalism is given a false patina of legitimacy.
Unpredictability and Environmentalism Exposing the endless fraud of those who claim to make longterm predictions.
Repress, Repress, Repress The psychological lies of "repression" and "denial."