Bright Future

I don't make predictions, because no one can know the future, though the world is full of authorities and experts who are sure they do know it.

I also don't worry about the future, which makes politicians and so-called policy-makers crazy. If they cannot keep everyone in a constant paranoid frenzy they will never be able to put over all their schemes for controlling people and confiscating their money.

One reason I do not worry about the future is because I've lived long enough to know none of the experts absurd predictions of doom and disaster ever happen. But a better reason is because the future is always determined by what the best of human beings are and do, not politicians, academics, and pseudo-intellectuals.

A Look At The Future

The future belongs to those who will make it. It doesn't belong to those who only know how to use and destroy the work of others, but those who know how to create and produce what is of real value, like Chidera Ota.

In 2010, when Chidera was a 16-year-old student she scored fifteen As on her GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). The exam itself is "Advanced Level" and is graded on a scale of A-E with A being the highest possible level.

The fifteen subjects were: English literature and language, statistics, French, German, Latin, history, sociology, chemistry, biology, physics, an IT (Information Technology) qualification worth three GCSEs, maths, and further maths.

Chidera learned Latin on her own during her lunch breaks.

Her scores won her a scholarship to attend King's School, Canterbury. I say won, but she truly earned that scholarship. She said, "I stayed home a lot and put a lot of work into my GCSEs. I want to become a doctor so I know it’s a very hard and competitive field and I need to do extremely well to get into medicine."

Chidera is now a lovely 22-year old young lady who has more than lived up to her potential. She graduated from King's School Canterbury in 2012, where she studied chemistry, physics, biology, maths and further maths A-levels, and was Head of House, School Monitor, Academic Scholar, Michael Foale Scholar, President and Founder of Science Ethics Discussion Group, Member of medical and science society, and athletics team.

She graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2015, where she studied Neuroscience, Pathology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Human Reproduction and earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), degree in Pre-Clincal Medicine. While at Cambridge she was president of Ospreys, a society by and for the University of Cambridge’s sportswomen.

She is presently working on her MBBCh (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree which she'll earn in 2018.

As long as there are Chideras in this world, the future is bright.