While these articles are called philosophy they are not what is meant by philosophy today or presented as philosophy in any academic philosophy course or any book on philosophy.

This philosophy is only for those who want to know how to live successfully in the real world. It is only for those who cannot be satisfied with merely existing and care only to be and achieve all they can, living their life to the fullest and enjoying it to highest possible level of human aspiration.

If one is to live successfully in this real world they must know what reality is and what its nature is in order to deal with and use that world to live successfully in it. It is those two things, the nature of reality, and our knowledge of it, that all modern philosophy is aligned against. All philosophy, religion and ideology today teaches in some form that the world we live in and directly experience is not the, "really real world," and that the world we actually see, hear, feel, smell, and taste, is some kind of illusion.

Those same philosophies, religions, and ideologies also teach that no certain knowledge of anything is possible.

For the individual choosing to live successfully in this world the message of philosophy is, "give up!" The real world is an illusion and you cannot possibly know anything about it anyway.

The World Is Real And You Can Know It

The whole purpose of this philosophy is to explain what that real world is, the world you already know is real, and the only one you care about. It will explain how you can and do know it. It will explain how the real world and your knowledge of make it possible for you to live successfully and happily in it.

It is also a source of the intellectual armor you will need to defend yourself against all the assaults on reality and truth you will be faced with if you intend to live your own life to achieve and be all you can be as a human being, and to be worthy of enjoying that life to the fullest.