Philosophy Index

Foreword—The purpose of these philosophy articles.

Reality—An Introduction to Philosophy—What philosophy is.

Metaphysics—Describes what is meant by existence, reality, and modes of existence.

Ontology Introduction—Describes the essential meaning and nature of material existence.

Physicalist Superstition—What is wrong with physicalism

Ontology, Kinds Of Existence—Categories and subcategories of all existence introduced.

Disorder, Chaos, and Existence—The necessity of disorder to existence.

The Nature Of Life—Ontological description of life as a material attribute of existence.

The Nature Of Consciousness—Ontological discription of consciousness as a material attribute of existence.

The Nature Of Mind—Discription of unique human consciousness: volition, intellect, and reason.

Instinct—The nature of instinct and why it is not a human attribute.

Perception—The validity and certainty of the direct conscious perception of reality as it actually is.

Emotions—The nature of the feelings and emotions.

Desires—The nature of desires and relationship between intellectual and emotional deisres.

Epistemology, Concepts—An introduction to the foundation elements of certain knowledge.

Epistemology, Propositions—An introduction to the nature of propositions, the nature of truth, and all certain knowledge.

Certain Knowledge—Why certain knowledge is not only possible but necessary and ubiquitous.

Values—Description and explanation of the nature of values.

The Moral Nature—Human nature's requirement for life principles.

Why Live In Society?And who is worthy of it?