Miss Libertarian's Pets

This little dogerel is dedicated to all those who identify themselves as libertarian or arnachist activists, especially those who write, and even more especially those who identify themselves as 'feminist anarchists.' In all they write there is never a single original thought or idea. It is all a poor rehash of half-baked ideas learned from other half-baked world savers.

Miss Libertarian's Pets

She kept spotted platitudes for pets,
As many people do,
'Cause they're easier to keep and feed,
Than ideas of what is true.

She had great multitudes of beasts,
Of every stripe and hue,
There were adages, and quips galore,
As well as maxims blue.

She had proverbs and aphorisms, though pests,
And a bromide or twain,
Even memes and dictums both pithy and witty,
All vacuous and inane.

She was proud of her menagerie,
Though borrowed by the ton,
She showed them off as trophies, though,
She never, herself, caught one.