New Stories

For Your Reading Pleasure

These stories have only one purpose to be enjoyed as an experience of life at its best. There is no moral or other purpose.

The Moral Individual has lots of stories. Most of them have some philosophical point to make as the basis of the story-lines, like the "Conversations With Raymond," stories, though the "Roger Stories are less philosophical. The Roger stories are actually chapters of a novelet. Most chapters can stand alone but are meant to be read in order."

The new stories are actually novelets as well, called Nyranda (23 chapters) and Nyranda Adventures (twelve chapters) which are both described as, "A Romantic Fantasy Of Childhood." These are not children's stories. They are meant for adults who have retained all the best of childhood's innocence, romance, and adventure.

The chapters of both stories will be published serially, one per day, until completed. When completed, the table of contents of each story will be published so they can be found in one place.

Comments, questions, and criticisms are welcomed. There is a comment section for every chapter.

[The first chapter, "Nyranda Chapter One: The Temple" has been posted.]