Islamic Maggots—Part II

Is Islam Invading Healthy Societies

The sudden appearance of maggots in perfectly healthy flesh would be extremely alarming, yet it is just such a phenomena that appears to be happening in Western civilized societies. At least that is the way it is portrayed.

Countries like Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Germany and all of Scandinavia are literally being overrun with Muslims. It is primarily an immigration problem, but Muslims are also out breeding Europeans at a rate of four to six times most national averages.

But if Islam, like maggots, feeds only on the unhealthy aspects of society, these counties must have elements in them that are sick or dying. They do. They are societies decaying under socialist, collectivist, post-modernist, inclusivist, multicultural, PC driven ideologies, that, like festering wounds, drain the life of those societies making them ripe for the growth of Islam.

In Belgium the culprit is moral cowardice and "Multiculturalism." In France, swamped by four to five million Muslims, it is entirely moral cowardice. Due to its lack of vitality and low birth rates, Muslims are younger than the French. In "parts of Paris, Marseilles, Rhone-Alpes, and Strasbourg, between a third and half of people in their teens and twenties are Muslim. ... the word jeunes (or "youths") has come to be used as a euphemism for 'Arab thugs.'"

It is not Islam that is responsible for this rot, it is French PC multiculturalism. In all Arab-Muslim countries, including Egypt where it started, the "Muslim Brotherhood," whose entire purpose is "to impose Sharia, the Islamic law to whole countries," is outlawed. In France it exists officially under its French name, "Union of Islamic Organizations in France," (UOIF), it is even an important part of the French Muslim council recently created by the French government."

Sores, Wounds, and Islam

If Europe were a body it would be full of festering maggoty sores. The growing Muslim population in Europe since 1950 is evidence of this rot.

Mark Steyn gets it right in his article, "Goodbye Europe" (Archived by the Autonomist). It is Europe's socialist welfarism, political corruption, post-modernist moral relativism, and repression of free speech that is killing Europe, providing the dead "flesh" of society the maggots of Islam feed on.

"European Union figures it will require another 50 million immigrants in the next few years just to maintain a big enough working population to fund the lavish social programs its vast retired army of baby boomers expects to enjoy.

"The main source of European immigration is Muslim youth from North Africa and the Middle East. ... 40 percent of those on welfare are immigrants.

"Holland, [is] the epitome of the boundlessly tolerant ..., a liberal utopia of cannabis cafés and gay marriage—for now. ... in 20 years the majority of the Dutch under 18 will be Muslim.

"A multiculturalist society has a hard time even discussing these things. In the advanced technocratic Euro-state, almost any issue worth talking about has been ruled taboo.

"The beneficiaries of this tune-out, in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and elsewhere, don't have much in common--some are maverick magnates, some fascist nostalgists, others gay hedonists. What unites them is what they're against: the traditional European cultural consensus that's now sleepwalking its way to suicide."

"The future is now here. A collapsed birthrate, accelerating immigration, lavish welfare, an evasive political culture, phony transnational structures: For Europe, this is the Perfect Storm."

American Maggots

Not very long ago, I read an article entitled, "Islam: The Next American Religion." Ignoring the fact there has never been an, "American religion," (like the Church of England, for example), the idea that there could be one and that it might be Islam is an idea that could not even have been imagined, much less published as a serious article, just ten years ago.

But Islam is growing in America, at an annual growth rate of 6%, in contrast to 0.9% for the total U.S. population. As in Europe, this growth is attributed to birth rates and immigration; but there is one other factor in the US which is quite astonishing, conversions.

The growth of Islam in America means America too is showing the signs of rot on which the maggots of Islam feed. It does not take much looking to see that America is suffering all the social corruption of welfarism, PC multiculturalism, and social engineering that is killing Europe. But these do not explain the number of conversions to Islam, especially among Black Americans. That explanation lies in another aspect of government intrusion in individual lives.

Who Converts to Islam

I said in Part I, "Islam appeals to those who despair of finding happiness in this life and world—it appeals to those whose own sense of inadequacy or the hopelessness of their "situation" have nothing to live for in this world and put all their hope in an unseen future one."

Where does one find such people in the land of freedom and opportunity that America is? In his article, "Islam and the African American Prisoner," Steven Malik Shelton writes:

"African Americans take on a criminal mind-set and become involved in criminal pursuits because of a sense of hopelessness and despair. Their lives seem to be without purpose, meaning and direction, and they become ensnared in a superficial, destructive process ..."

[Steven Malik Shelton's article is sadly no longer available on the Internet. There are plenty of sources for similar information, however, such as here, here, here, here, and here.]

The repression of individual liberty is always the disease that kills the vibrant productive aspects of society. Government control of what individuals choose to do with their own lives is always a disaster. Even after the horrors of prohibition, the lesson has not been learned, and the U.S. Government blunders on in the prohibition of drugs, with all the expected disastrous results and one surprising one.

The Sores of America

Commentators remark that the national prison population grew by only 3.4 percent last year slowing from the average rate of 6.5 percent between 1990 and 1999, as if a slowed rate were a real improvement. Most of the slowed rate was due to decreases in successful prosecutions of violent crimes.

Since 1970, prison populations have grown eight times from approximately 250,000 to over 2 million. "Building and running prisons is one of the fastest growing industries in America ...."

If violent crime is decreasing, where are all the prisoners coming from? They are coming from the "War on Drugs." "The number of people in state prisons for drug offenses increased eleven-fold from 1980 to 1996 ...."

Remember, most of the conversions to Islam in the United States are among Black Prisoners. Then consider these statistics: "According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, African Americans make up 13% of illicit drug users in the United States. However, according to the Sentencing Project, a policy research institute funded in part by the Department of Justice, African Americans constitute 35% of all arrests for drug possession, 55% of all drug possession convictions and a whopping 74% of people sentenced to jail for drug possession."

Beyond the outrageous cost to taxpayers, in lives and time and resources, as well as the creation of a huge criminal black market, the "War on Drugs" is responsible for, it is the single biggest contributor to the growth of Islam in America. The war on drugs is like an acid splashed across society causing huge open sores called prisons ripe for the invasion or Islamic maggots.

The Terror of Maggots

Almost everyone is disgusted by maggots, but only the psychotic would be terrified by them. The world, however, is becoming daily more terrified of Islam, which has neither the power or resources to be a source of terror. It is, in fact, being used by the governments of the world to increase and accelerate the very kinds of oppression that sicken societies making them vulnerable to Islamic growth.

It is true that most of the terrorist acts in the world over the last forty years have been carried out by Muslims. It is true, the teachings of Islam encourage such acts—but if Islam caused terrorist acts, with two billion Muslims in the world, one would expect many more of them. Islam grows where there is poverty, ignorance and despair, its adherents are comprised primarily of those who see nothing of real value to themselves in this world and no hope of real meaning to life. Among those kinds of people, there are bound be some who become fanatical, it is born of their desperation.

There is certainly a danger of terrorism in the world, and since Islam is the primary repository of the very kinds of people who are likely to be driven to it, it is the direction from which most threats of terrorism will come.

Purging Maggots

There is no direct way to eliminate maggots. So long as there is putrefaction, corruption, sores, and death, there will be maggots. So long as societies are dominated by or succumb to influences of relativism, socialism, social engineering, government intrusion in business, society, and individual lives, Islam will grow and prosper.

There is only one way to combat the growth of Islam, it is by restoring societies to full health, and there is only one way to restore the health of societies: by the ruthless application of the disinfectant, truth, and the restoration of vitalizing individual liberty.