Decent People Matter

And Only They Have Lives That Matter

Only decent people matter.

Although there are more decent people than any other kind, they are seldom recognized and one seldom hears about them. It is because decent people are not featured in main stream media news. They do not cause trouble, do not commit crimes, and seldom do anything that would call attention to themselves.

It's not because they are shy (although some are) or ashamed of what they do, it's just that they are not very concerned with what others think about them. They are busy working to support themselves and their families, and when they are not working, they are taking care of their property, or busy with family activities or simply enjoying what they have earned, building things, hunting, fishing, dancing, reading, studying, or visiting friends.

Decency comes in every imaginable color, shape, size, and look. There are some looks it does not have, however. It is never slovenly, never slathered with tattoos and bits of metal hanging from every imaginable part of the body, and the clothes fit and do not look as though they are ready to fall around the ankles, and do not reveal parts of the anatomy no one else wants to see.

Sometimes decent people make mistakes when they are young and must bear some of the consequences of their youthful indiscretions for the remainder of their life, even though they are some of the most decent people. Decent people learn from their mistakes. Decent people do not judge others for their mistakes, they made their own.

There are some surly decent people. Perhaps they don't feel well. Most decent people, however, are not only courteous, but friendly and enjoy being helpful when they can. Nevertheless they are private people, jealously guarding the intimate details of their lives which they only share with those they love. They are equally mindful of other's privacy and would never think of interfering in anyone else's life or business.

One reason you do not hear much about decent people is because they do not participate in demonstrations, protests or other public displays of crudeness, ignorance, and belligerent arrogance. The decent regard all such political activism as nothing more then trouble-making, which is what it is.

Though decent people are the most important people in the world, there will never be a, "Decent People Matter," (DPM) movement, because decent people do not participate in movements. Decent people know they must earn whatever they have, and actually produce something of value if they are to be recognized as individuals whose lives matter. They are the only ones whose lives do matter.

Do you think that means I'm saying no one else's life matters? Well, nothing gets by you, does it?