Islam Never Has To Be Taken Seriously

There is no surprise that my article, "Not Just Idiots, but Blithering Idiots," was mostly misunderstood. It has been criticized for totally opposite reasons: first, for being insulting to Muslims and second, for minimizing the danger of Islam.

I plead guilty to both criticisms. I had no intention of insulting anyone when I wrote the article, but I'm not surprised if Muslims are insulted by it. They are easily insulted by the silliest things. They throw hissy-fits over cartoons, become hysterical if you insult Moremud, have conniptions if you deny Ali-oop or cannot see the difference between a Koran and Charmin, except that Charmin is softer.

As for "minimizing" the danger of Islam, it is not really what I did. I simply pointed out that Islam is not a very serious danger (no more than lightening or volcanos for example), but to the nervous Nellies who are afraid of everything the government and the press terrorize them with, it probably seemed as though I was minimizing the Islamist terrorist threat.

The Absurd Is No Danger

Islam, like evil itself, is impotent.

A long time ago I wrote a couple of articles comparing Islam to maggots. I was not comparing individual Muslims to maggots. I compared Islam itself to maggots, because maggots only infest flesh that is already corrupt, dead or dying. Maggots never attack healthy flesh.

Islam, even in its most vicious manifestations, only, "attacks," those aspects of society that are already corrupt, dead, or dying. They have no power or influence in societies where most individuals are intelligent, productive, and happy with their lives.

Islam produces nothing of value. It can only take over what others have produced. For those idiots who confuse Arabs with Muslims and who believe the lies promoting Islam, such as the lie that Islam provided the world with Arabic numerals, please note, they are not "Islamic numerals." Every so called contribution to civilization attributed to Islam is a lie, and Muslims are mostly not Arabs.

The Only Good Muslims Are Bad Muslims

It is absolutely true that most Muslims are not terrorists, and most do not support terrorism. It is also true that those Muslims who do not support terrorism are bad Muslims. The Koran teaches that a good Muslim must kill all non-Muslims that refuse to become Muslims or at least submit to Muslim law (Sharia).

Good Muslims, such as suicide bombers, terrorists, head-loppers, those faithfully throwing homosexuals off buildings, chopping off hands and feet, stoning women, selling young non-Muslim girls into sex slavery, and burning non-Muslims alive, are called extremists, as if being extremely faithful to what one believes is a bad thing. The one virtue of the good Muslim is that they are at least faithful to what they believe. It is not that extreme fidelity that makes what they do evil, it is what they believe and are faithful to that makes it evil.

The individual who believes he must take responsibility for every aspect of his own life, neither desiring or seeking anything he has not achieved or acquired (earned) by his own effort, willingly bearing the consequences of his wrong choices but proudly enjoying the rewards of his right ones, never interfering in the lives of others but enjoying the mutually chosen fellowship of the like-minded, cannot be too extreme in either his beliefs or the actions they lead to. For the moral individual, extremism is virtue, and anything less is a vice.

The good Muslims are just wishy-washy Muslims. What they believe is just as evil as the truly faithful Muslims. It is not what the good Muslims believe that makes them good, it is their infidelity to what they believe that makes them, well, at least less harmful. (They really are not good in the sense of producing anything of value.)

Ultimately It Does Not Matter

Any society that is ultimately "taken over" by Islam and Sharia law was already a morally corrupt society in which moral individuals could only survive underground; the rest would already have emigrated. Individualists have no interest in any social/political movements beyond knowing what such movements are doing.

Islam is a self-destructive ideology and, ultimately, it will self-destruct. An ideology must produce something positive to succeed. Islam produces nothing of positive value and will destroy itself. The one way to deal with Islam is to recognize it as the absurd and evil ideology it is, and to avoid it in every way possible.