Untrue Things People Believe

Environmentalism & Ecology

This is the twenty second article addressing those things most people believe that are not true introduced in the article, "Most Of What You Believe Is Not True." To see all the articles, or any other one, please see the Index.

Environmentalism, like psychology and evolution, is a pseudo-science. It is put over as a science, and, since most people's scientific knowledge is minimal, it is able to claim outrageously unscientific things and get away with it. Most notably, so-called anthropogenic (man-made) global warming.

The claim of global warming is not about science at all. It's purpose is to alarm or terrorize people with threats of disaster with the intent of promoting a political agenda. The most important part of the global warming lie is that it is man-made. Without that part of the lie, the political agenda could not be put over. If global warming were simply a natural event, there would be no point in governments controlling what men did, since it would have no affect on the supposed global warming.

The truth is, there is no global warming. But even if there were global warming, there is no evidence anything human beings are doing, or not doing would be the cause of it. Most people have no idea of the size of the planet or of the actual forces that determine things like climate and weather, because if they did they would know human activity on the planet is so minuscule it could not possibly affect the climate.

The global-warming lie is only the latest of the lies from the ecological/environmentalist political movement. It was never about science and always about politics.


Years ago I was attracted to the "science" of ecology, which in those days was described as, "the economics of nature." The analogy is a good one. The world of living things is extremely complex and interrelated and for an inquiring mind, very interesting. For example, that fact that both grassy plains and many kinds of trees depend on fire for their reproduction was a thing I could never have guessed. It was not long, however, before I discovered that what was truly scientific in ecology, the biology and geology, was not what ecology was really about. It was about an agenda, a view that "nature" (anything other than man) was the ultimate moral (actually political) objective.

Environmental Oppression Environmentalism has only one purpose today which is to determine political policy. All its propaganda regarding climate change, endangered species, overpopulation and so-called environmental disasters is nothing more than political terrorism to keep people alarmed and make them willing to accept any government oppressive laws that promise to keep them safe. But it is all lies and has always been lies.

Perhaps the biggest part of the lie is the assumption that the environment is anyone's to make it what they would like or think it ought to be. Why should someone who has an irrational passion for yellow striped frogs be able to prevent someone who wants to fill in the swampy pond in their back yard to reduce the chance of some mosquito-borne disease from infecting his children be able to stop him? Who decides frogs are more important than children? If it were up to them, the Anti-human Environmentalists would choose against human beings every time.