The Characteristics of an Uncivilized People

The Sign of a Child

There is another feature of declining cultures, such as ours, which to many is quite bewildering—the sexual exploitation of children which I've documented in this article. The bewildering aspect of this is not just the horrors it inflicts on young boys and girls, which are bad enough, but what kind of people could be part of that horror and what attracts them to it.

This, again, is nothing new, because most of the world has never been civilized, and remains uncilivilized today, and these abuses of children frequently accompany other outrages of uncivized societies. "Beli was only fourteen years old when she was sold in to a life of prostitution. The brothel madams beat her, starved her, assaulted her both physically and mentally, and locked her in a room until she lost the will to escape. After nearly four years in a brothel, of never being allowed out on the street to buy anything, of living and working in a tiny room with four other people, servicing up to 45 men a day, Beli has escaped ...." It turns out, this horror is just continuing a long standing tradition. "The sale of women and girls has its roots in Nepalese culture and religion. The sex industry in India has been active since the Vedic period, made reference to in the Ramayana and Mahabharata spiritual texts of the Hindu religion. Sex workers were called "Vaishyas' and have accompanied kings to the battlefield, formed the main bodyguard of Emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya, and engaged in intelligence services for the kingdom. During the Vijayanagara Empire (1336-1565) the highest honor bestowed on a young girl was to be sold as a Devadasis, a temple prostitute, literally meaning, "slave of god." The devadasi is a Hindu temple servant who, before reaching puberty, is dedicated for life to the goddess Yallamma."

The practice continues to this day, only the consequences are worse. "Today, many devadasi end up in the hands of unscrupulous priests, who in turn sell them to pimps. These procurors take the girls to the red-light areas of Bombay, Delhi or some other big city. In Bombay's infamous brothels along Falkland Road and Shuklaji Street, there are little prayer shrines devoted to Yellamma, and some of the prostitutes sport Yellamma tattoos. After a few years in the trade, most devadasi end up as diseased wrecks. In Bombay, virtually all such women suffer from one or several forms of venereal disease, and the rate of HIV infection is reportedly about 50%."

Oh yes, some of these girls sold into prostitution in the name of religion are as young as eight. The trappings are different, but it's the same uncivilized decadence that exists in our own countries growing sexual exploitation of children, and the question remains, no matter how sexually unihibited a society becomes, what is the attraction to children—when a society has become awash in sex such as ours has, and almost anything anyone could desire is available, when a man, or woman, could have any kind of sex they choose with another man or woman, why would they prefer a child? What could be wrong with a grown-up man or woman that they could desire to have sex with a child?

Arrested Adolescence

There is about civilized societies something akin to maturity in individuals. The highpoint of Western civilization was the nineteenth century, with a brief return during the late 40s and 50s of the twentieth century. Those times were marked not only by the highest levels of civilized goodwill between men but were societies dominated by mature people that took life seriously, because they understood what kind of life is worth living, and that such a life cannot be enjoyed without recognizing what is important and what is not. Such men were unwilling to settle for anything but the best in themselves, in their achievements, or that which they enjoyed in life. Such men could never contemplate sex with a child. There are always perverts in the world, but a society comprised of mostly mature adults will not be obsessed with sex with children.

In a 1944 letter concerning a novel proposed by her correspondent, Ayn Rand wrote:

"... the idea that man is a slave to sex and to nature, that there is an irreconcilable conflict between the mind and the sex urge—is a perfect description of the mental state of an adolescent. Not of a mature man." [If he is an adult with such views] "... in the matter of sex he is still a youth. It is the normal mental state of very many adolescents when they discover sex. Not of all, but of many." "That typically adolescent feeling comes, I think, only from physical impatience—a strong physical desire that drives the man ..." "in the middle of the process of growing up. ... Such a man would grow up. This would not be his final attitude on sex." "... he will outgrow it. He has to." [adopted from: The Letters of Ayn Rand, "Return to Hollywood (1944)," Letter to Gerald Loeb, June 3, 1944.]

Ayn Rand, of course, is referring to normally mature adults, but we are living in an age when most never grow up and never fully mature. The are many reasons for this, not least of which is our paternalistic government which takes upon itself the responsibilities that are normally those of grown-up individuals.

In 1776, individual liberty, and the individual responsiblity that required, was the concept that brought about the American Revolution. But, America has become a socialistic welfare state and a regulated society: "government at both the federal and state level controls entry into businesses and occupations (occupational licensure) and people's ability to enter into trades with others (immigration controls; employment contracts with foreigners); maintains total control over people's income (the progressive income tax); controls where people travel (passports; travel to Cuba); regulates what people ingest (the FDA and the war on drugs); forces parents to subject their children to a government-approved "education" (public schooling); distributes welfare, both foreign and domestic; and regulates what people read and publish."

Worse, "Americans have come to view their government as their daddy - a daddy who takes care of them from the day they're born to the day they die. This is a daddy who has schooled them and schools their children (public schooling), gives them money if they're poor or out of work (unemployment compensation), helps cover their health-care bills (Medicare and Medicaid), guarantees they will have an adequate allowance (income-tax deductions), ensures that they won't become drug abusers (the war on drugs), and takes care of their retirement (Social Security). What more could a child-adult expect from a daddy?"

Through the 1900s, Americans would have despised a government that presumed to know what was good for them, better than they knew themselves and would have rejected a government that would tell them what to eat, how to be safe, what medicine or drugs they could or could not take, or to ensure they handled their personal finances properly. The fact that few object to these things today and that most take them for granted is evidence of a society comprised of intellectual (and emotional) adolescents. That immaturity of Americans expresses itself in every aspect of our culture, from the TV programs and movies dominated by cheap sophomoric humor to the growing obsession for sex with children.

The Fragility of Civilization

Perhaps the most important lesson of 9/11 has been completely overlooked. If one considers the time, the huge effort, and the enormous economic investment that was expended in creating and maintaining of the World Trade Center, as well as the daily human activity and creative energy that made it the symbol of economic achievement at its highest possible level, in contrast with how easily 11 Muslim nuts destroyed it and all those lives that made it what it was, one get's a picture of just how fragile civilized society is.

The WTC was a kind of civilization in microcosm, a concretization of human achivement in terms of inviolable principles, a physical economic metaphor for the principles of civilization itself and what civilization is in intellectual and philosophical terms, that is, in terms of values and principles.

When I point out the decadence that pervades American society, it is often met with the criticism that all the examples are "exceptions." How many "exceptions" make a trend? How many evil destructive people does it take to bring down a society and a culture? How many did it take to destroy the WTC?

There is a tendency to take civilization for granted in the same way people in economically advanced societies take things like electricity and phone service for granted. But these things require constant maintenance and effort. In fact, these tehnological systems that are taken for granted are quite fragile, and the more complex they are, the more fragile they are.

Civiliztions, too, are fragile, and like technology, are taken for granted. While most cannot see it, what we have today is the facade and trappings of civilization, a vaneer that covers the rotting crumbling wood of those who comprise that society. A vaneer that is worn very thin. There is a quote in the book authored by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (Lucifer's Hammer, 1997), regarding civilization, that it is "only three meals removed from savagery".

One of the characteristics of civilized people is that independent individualism that is marked by competence, self-reliance, self-descipline, productivity, and self-sufficiency. It was those kinds of people who dominated American society in its most civized times. Today's society is dominated by incompetent dependents whose very existence relies on foodstamps and various kinds of government welfare and aid, whose jobs, if they work, depend not on competence but "afirmative action," or whose income is derived without producing anything as employees of make-work government agencies. These are not civilized people, they are parasites living at the expense of the ever decreasing number of productive members of society. Let any of these government wealth transfer schemes fail and they will reveal themselves to be the savage barbarians they are.

We are not far from that savage barbarity. You may not be familiar with the holiday, "Juneteenth," (June 19th), also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, celebrated in fourteen states in commemoration of the abolition of slavery. Here's how "freedom" is celebrated in America:

In Milwaukee, "a 33-year-old man has a broken tooth and cuts all over his face after a group of teenagers pulled him from his car and beat him." In Syracuse, NY, police had to shut down the celebration "early after fights and multiple stabbings broke out." In Austin, Texas, a crowd of happy freedom celebrators showed their understanding of the meaning of freedom by ripping a 41-year-old man from a car and beating him to death.

What kind of society produces such savages? When the behavior of those who comprise a society becomes so evil, no explanation seems possible, because no one wants believe the one explanation that is too frightening, that society itself is dominated not by the civilized, but by uncivilized monsters, that society is well nigh lost.

I could have used for my last example of the extent that savagery is now a commonplace in America, the Wichita Horror, or the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murder, or any number of other examples, because they are so common today. These kinds of brutality would have been unimagineable in the 50s, and many of the things these vicious monsters do today defy the imagination—how do they even think of them to do—we are told every day it is not movies or TV that contribute to these things. The example I have chosen is one that cannot be attributed racism or any of the other excuses that are used to "explain" them.

This is the story of six people, Tammie Garlin, 36, Tammie's daughter, Felicia Mae Garlin, 15, Tammie's son, 11 (name withheld), Tammie's Lesbian lover, Michaela Clerc, 20, and their "friends," Michael Sisk, 25, and Candace Clark, 23. For about 10 months they all lived together, with at least three other of Tammie's younger daughters who do not come into the story.

The story begins with what they all did to Tammie's 11-year-old son, initially, the beneficiary of all their attention, including that of his sister and his mother, who were apparently willing participants. What they liked to do to him, which they did at least 10 times, was to tie him up, place him in a bathtub naked, and pour scalding water over him. When they weren't doing that, they would beat him with belts and extension cords. When they weren't doing that, they "hog-tied" him and choked him until unconscious. When they weren't doing that, they forced him to drink gallons of water until he passed out.

The excitement of these activities apparently grew stale, because the group next turned their attention to Tammie Garlin herself. We are not provided the details of the attention Tammie enjoyed at the hands of her friends, lover, and daughter beyound that it was much the same as her son had experienced. We do know she was kicked and abused and bashed in the head with a folding chair. As a result of these, "treatements," she was unable to walk, so two of them carried her from the second floor to the first, and dropped her on the bathroom floor. That's where she died, apparently at the hands of her friend Michael Sisk. Her, "lover," Michaela Clerc, laughed when Sisk announced Tammie was dead.

Tammie was found buried in the back yard of the home where all these "friends" were living together. Tammie's 11-year-old son was "found naked and huddled in a closet," his "hands, feet and head," mutilated from the repeated scaldings.

A Premeditated Revolution

This four-part article is part of a much more ambitious series of articles that began with "Marxist Revolution of the West." The purpose of this article, and the previous two, "Characteristics of Civilized People," and "Profanity," have been to demonstrate the extent and nature of the revolution in practical observable terms.

I have concentrated on the nature of our society's composition to demonstrate the extent of American decadence. I could have concentrated on the corruption of government at every level, the terpitude of the press, the vicious obscenity of the entertainment industries, the growing prevalence of gangs, the problems of immigration, the American demographic time bomb, or even the growing threat of incurable diseases, but all of these are the result of and only possible because of the kind of people of which our society is comprised.

Most people will not be able to see that American culture and the makeup of its society has completely changed since the 50s, but for those who do see, how that change in society came about is likely to be a complete mystery, or put down to some natural evolution, or in this case, devolution of society. People will point to a million different things as the "cause" of America's cultural decline, and many of the things they point to will be true enough in themselves, from political corruption to the decline in religious influence in people's lives, but they are all symptoms, things that people are likely to think, "just happened."

The amazing fact is, they didn't "just happen." Every one was deliberately planned, from the "sexual revolution," to the total repudiation of all Western values in society. I want to make it perfectly clear, this was not a conspiracy, not some kind of clandestine plot, because the men who planned the revolution of the West made their views and intentions perfectly clear, most of them right here in American universities and colleges. Along the way, they received enormous help by a number of "true believers," and "useful idiots," and a number of movements without which they could never have hoped to put over their grand scheme. It turns out, their scheme has not only succeeded, but succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The next article in this series will introduce some of the most important of those successful revolutionaries and exactly what their plan was, as well as introducing the other major inadvertent contributors to that revolution. Subsequent articles will document how all these movements have worked and are working in every important aspect of our society, from government to education to international politics to complete the revolution intended to bring down Western Civilization.