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Amoral NAP—01/22/2017


Anarchism and Society—02/17/2016

An Atheist's Defence of Christianity—02/04/2017

A Priori—08/22/2016

Art, Censorship, and Morality—06/25/2016

Atlas Shrugged: A Model for Individualist Revolution—02/24/2016

Ayn Rand, Beauty, Love, and Tenderness—02/28/2016

Ayn Rand's Ethics—02/15/2016

Ayn Rand's Mistake—02/23/2016

Banality Verses Romanticism—01/28/2017

Bright Future—10/01/2016

Black Swan—03/10/2016

Changes To The Moral Individual—9/11/2017

Child Independence—02/22/2016


Controllers, Meddlers and Individualists—12/04/2016

Conversations With Raymond: Art—01/04/2016

Conversations With Raymond: Art And Culture—01/24/2016

Conversations With Raymond: Beauty—12/14/2015

Conversations With Raymond: Beauty Again—12/29/2015

Conversations With Raymond: Be Prepared—11/27/2015

Conversations With Raymond: Conflicts—02/29/2016

Conversations With Raymond: Irony—10/30/2016

Conversations With Raymond: Love and Atheism—11/21/2015

Conversations With Raymond: Nature of Consciousness—11/12/2016

Conversations With Raymond: The Taste of Cinnamon—11/03/2016

Conversations With Raymond: What's Important—01/07/2016

Conversations With Raymond: Who Ray Is—11/20/2015

Correct Thinking: Basic Principles Of Clear Reasoning—09/25/2017

Decent People Matter—07/16/2016

Dismal Economics—02/01/2017

Ethical Principles—01/21/2017

Egoists and Anti-egoists—11/25/2016

Everybody's Different—01/29/2016


Exceptional, The—12/30/2016


Feelings And Emotions: Their Nature, Significance, And Importance—11/20/2017

Freedom and Individualism Notes: About Freedom—02/04/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Harry Browne's Freedom Principles—02/04/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Individual Freedom—01/26/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Individualists—02/01/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Money—02/12/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Only For Individualists—1/31/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Practical Freedom—02/11/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: Principles—02/02/2016

Freedom and Individualism Notes: What Is Freedom?—02/03/2016

Fugitive From Asteron: A Review—02/06/2016


Gullibility and Skepticism—09/02/2016

Gullible II—Critical Thinking—05/09/2016

Habituation: Developed Patterns Of Behavior—11/09/2017

Hated—The Individualist In a Collectivist World—02/03/2017

How We Know—6/11/2014



Islam Never Has To Be Taken Seriously—12/17/2015



Lectures on Psychology, Dr. Edith Packer's : The "Subconscious" Fallacy—03/17/2018

Libertarianism, Economics, and Other Absurdities—10/12/2016

Libertarians Verses Everyone Else—Numbers—03/22/2016

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Be Free—11/26/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Mind Own Business—12/01/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Must Work—11/22/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Own Mind—11/07/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Right Relationships—11/28/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Self Defense—12/01/2017

Lowest Animal, The—1896

Magic Thinking: Disastrous Substitutes For Correct Thinking—10/05/2017


Miss Libertarian's Pets—02/05/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Must Choose—11/05/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Must Learn—11/15/2017

Living Morally: The Practical Application Of Moral Principles: Must Think—11/19/2017

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs—03/22/2018

Max, The Strange Case Of—03/19/2018

Moral Defense And The Use Of Force—06/10/2016

Morality and Freedom—01/04/2017

Morality Mistakes: Seven Wrong Views Of Ethics—10/29/2017

Most Of What You Believe Is Not True—12/24/2015

Nyranda Adventures: Contents And Notes—12/15/2017

Nyranda: Contents And Notes—11/28/2017

Nature of Consciousness, The—09/29/2016

Nature of Life, The—09/29/2016

Never Take Any Of It Seriously—11/14/2015

New Stories: For Your Reading Pleasure—11/05/2017

NIP verses NAP—12/19/2016

No More Philosophy—12/16/2015

No Subconscious—10/06/2017

Not Just Idiots, but Blithering Idiots—12/08/2015

Nyranda Chapter One: The Temple—11/06/2017

Objective Ethics for Freedom and Happiness—07/26/2016

Only Individuals—11/07/2016

Ontology—A Brief Introduction—09/04/2016

Ordinary And Extrodinary—12/16/2017


Psychological Flaws, Corruptions, Errors, and Wrong Premises—03/21/2016

Real Freedom Fighters—04/03/2016

Reality—An Introduction to Philosophy—05/02/2016

Richard Reiben Obituary—11/18/2015


Religion And Freedom—04/19/2016

Religion's Fault: Moral Failure—01/01/2018

Repress, Repress, Repress—02/21/2016


Sentimental Journey—11/21/16


Sociable Animal, The—11/23/2016

Social Chaos Part I—01/06/2016

Social Chaos Part II—01/06/2016

Social Chaos Part III—01/06/2016

Social Chaos Part IV—01/06/2016

Some Free Individuals—11/19/2015

Still Lying—01/02/2016

Superficial Choice, A—07/22/2016

Tathagatagarbhaianism, Notes On—1/26/2014

There Are No Shortcuts: On The Path To Success and Happiness—10/14/2017

The Only Path To Success And Happiness—10/19/2017

Tathagatagarbha, The Wisdom of—1/25/2014

To My Skeptical Friends—09/03/2016

Two Moral Principles: Knowledge and Reason—09/17/2017


Untrue Things People Believe: Anthropology—02/20/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Constitutions—02/22/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Contracts—02/18/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Corporations—02/16/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Duty And Honor—01/03/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Emotions—03/05/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Environmentalism & Ecology—03/09/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Evolution—03/08/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Government—01/19/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Justice—12/30/2015

Untrue Things People Believe: Laws—01/06/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Organizations—01/25/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Natural Laws—01/08/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Patriotism—01/05/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Penal Law—01/13/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Psychology—02/26/2016

Untrue Things People Believe:
Real Law Versus Man-Made Law

Untrue Things People Believe: Repression—03/06/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Rights—12/27/2015

Untrue Things People Believe: Science—04/18/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Sociology—03/11/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Teams—02/01/2016

Untrue Things People Believe: Unions—02/13/2016

Valentine Flowers for Every Girl—02/14/2016


What And How To Learn—10/23/2017

What Are You Living For?—12/06/2017

What Is Freedom—09/14/2016

What Is "It?"—11/25/2015

What Will You Do With Freedom?—07/23/2016

What's Wrong With NAP—05/20/2016

Who Can Be Free?—03/23/2016

Who Is We?—11/12/2015

Why Do Most People Believe What Is Not True?—01/15/2016

Why Lie?—12/15/2015

Why Trump Is Winning—02/25/2016

What Will You Do With Freedom?—07/23/2016