What Are You Living For

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What Are You Living For

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Life is not a default condition, death is.

You have no choice about being born but once you are an adult your continued existence depends on what you choose and do. If you do nothing to sustain your own life, unless someone else hooks you up to some machiness, returning you to your pre-adult state, you will die.

Like it or not, the ultimate choice is always, "to be or not to be." If one does not choose to be, and makes no effort to sustain their own life, death is assured. The question is never about suicide, "why die?" The question that must answered is, "why live?"

Most people mistake a fear of death for a love of life. Their only reason for laboring to stay alive is because the are terrified of dying. Why they fear death is a bit of a mystery. Before they were born they were not living and there was nothing painful or terrifying about it. When one is not alive, before or after they have been, is exactly the same. Fear of death is nothing but a superstitious fear, like the fear of dragons or ghosts.

Unless one guides their life by whim, one makes their choices based on some objective or purpose they believe their choices will achieve. Since to live means one must choose to live, unless you are one of those who choose to live only to evade death, what is your objective or purpose in pursuing your life. In other words, "what are you living for?"
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